Ole Miss Rebels vs. Tennessee Volunteers Baseball Preview

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The Rebs head to Knoxville to take on the Vols in another important SEC baseball series.

Hey, y'all, thank BeardedGinger and Fit4LifeLLC, because they continue to provide stats, insight, and analysis for your Ole Miss baseball coverage. Thanks.

Game Times:

  • Friday - 5:00 PM
  • Saturday - 3:00 PM
  • Sunday - 1:00 PM

Tennessee Probable Starters:

Friday - Aaron Quillen (Fr. RHP) - Aaron Quillen has had a pretty rough year thus far. He is currently 1-1 in 10 appearances (9 starts) with a 5.40 ERA. Through 40 innings pitched, Quillen has allowed 27 runs (24 earned) off 51 hits. Quillen has 21 strike outs to go along with 14 walks. Opponents are hitting .319 off Aaron thus far this season. He also has a WHIP (Walks-Hits per Inning Pitched) of 1.63. He's only averaging 4 innings pitched per appearances so hopefully the Rebels can run him off the mound pretty quickly.

Saturday - Nick Williams (Jr. RHP) - Nick will be making only his 5th start of the season on Saturday. He is currently 2-2 in 14 appearances (4 starts) with a 5.25 ERA. Through 36 innings pitched, Williams has allowed 26 runs (21 earned) off 33 hits. Nick has struck out 35 men while walking 14. Opponents are hitting .241 off him this season. Nick has a WHIP of 1.39.

Sunday - Zack Godley (Sr. RHP) - Zack Godley is currently 3-4 in 11 appearances (9 starts) with a 3.26 ERA. Through 66.1 innings pitched, Godley has allowed 31 runs (24 earned) off of 60 hits. He currently has struck out 60 men while walking 22. Godley has pitched 2 complete games this year with one of those being a shutout. Opponents are hitting .241 against him. Zack has a WHIP of 1.32. Hopefully the Rebel bats can gain some confidence on Friday and Saturday before getting to Godley. His numbers don't exactly jump off the page, but he is the best of the 3 weekend pitchers.

Team Pitching Ranks in Conference:

  • 14th in ERA (5.22) (OM 4th at 2.62)
  • 14th in opposing batting average (.281) (OM 5th at .237)
  • 12th in strikeouts (221) (OM 6th with 277)
  • 13th in hits allowed (349) (OM 6th with 298)
  • 14th in runs allowed (213) (OM 5th with 127)
  • 10th in walks allowed (137) (OM 11th with 142)
  • T-12th in HR allowed (19) (OM T-6th with 13)

So as you can see, Tennessee doesn't have a very good pitching staff so maybe this is the weekend the Rebels can finally regain their early season confidence at the plate as we head down the stretch.

On our end, the Rebels have to find some offense. At first I thought the lack of offense so far may be just an anomaly, however, now I'm not so sure. I do think the true team is somewhere in the middle. Hopefully we can put together another series win and get back to .500 in SEC play this weekend against an average UT team on the road.

Here is how the UT offensive numbers look so far:


Will Maddox - .357 0 17 .420 .439 14/17 20/13

Scott Price - .346 2 19 .466 .424 1/7 14/17

Pierce Bily - .333 0 22 .389 .435 9/11 25/1/5

Christin Stewart - .311 1 15 .444 .421 4/7 18/12

Vincent Jackson - .282 1 18 .398 .308 4/4 17/3

Taylor Smart - .277 2 15 .378 .371 8/11 31/16

Key Reserves

Parker Wormsley - .286 0 8 .286 .375 0/0 6/4

Ethan Bennett - .263 2 6 .553 .440 5/5 8/7

As a team, Tennessee is batting .281 with 8 HR, 172 RBI, a .359 slugging %, and a .372 OPB.

By the numbers, the Vols have a rather high SO to BB ratio and they steal bases at a 72% success rate. The numbers on the year indicate that the Vols put the ball in play but much like our Rebels struggle getting the key hit. On the year the Vols have left 299 men on base (8.5 per game). Also as a team, the Vols are driving in just under 5 runs per game.


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