La Salle 76, Ole Miss 74: A Four Factors Review


This is a day late, but we ended up spending an extra night in KC because of the late tip and the 10 inches of snow on the ground.

OM La Salle
eFG% 50.8% 57.3%
TO% 20.9% 17.9%
OR% 46.2% 29.0%
FTR 32.7 33.3

The first thing that jumps out at you here is La Salle's ridiculous shooting %. They typically shoot well - 52.0% for the season - but they were especially effective Sunday night. Knocking down 9 3-pointers will always boost that number. That was tied for the 5th highest eFG% by a Rebel opponent all season. Surprisingly, the Rebels went 4-1 in those other 5 games - wins against LIpscomb, San Francisco, Vanderbilt, vs aTM, loss against Florida. For the game, La Salle basically did what they always do, as the other 3 factors above were right inline with season averages as mentioned here.

Had you told me before the game that the Rebels would finish with a 50.8% eFG%, 1.1 points/possession, and a OR% of 46.2%, I would've assumed a 20-point win. The only other game the Rebels lost this season when shooting 50.0% eFG% from the floor was the 69-67 loss to aTm in College Station. What you can tell from the chart above though, is that the Rebels executed on offense for the most part. The turnover issues are captured here - 14 turnovers in a 76 possession game - is far more than you would expect from a team that has done an incredible job protecting the ball this year. They've won turning the ball over more and lost turning it over less, so that alone didn't doom the Rebels.

What's missing above, obviously, is the atrocious FT shooting. 10/21 just won't get it done. It was the third lowest FT% of the season for the Rebs, topped only by 17/39 (43.5%) against Rutgers and 4/17 (23.5%) at Auburn. The Rebels committed only 8 turnovers in each of those games though, which helped to offset the paltry FT%. A high TO% coupled with a sub 50% FT% was ultimately too much for the Rebs to overcome.

Credit La Salle for doing what needed to be done to win this game though. They pose some difficult matchups for traditional teams with their 4-, sometimes 5-guard lineup. They spread the floor and created some quickness mismatches for drives, then knocked down the perimeter shots when they got those. This was a tough way to end what was a very entertaining season.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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