Were it not for our Rebels' appearance in this NCAA Tournament....

...we might not have had this thread.

And were it not for that ^^^ thread, I certainly would never have seen this thread, because I had retired any damns I had left during the 2011 football season.

Houston Nutt had already pissed me off by losing my baby girl's first Ole Miss football game...a gimme with Jacksonville State we HAD led by 30 points (I think...I've tried to block most of it out of my memory).

By the 2011 season, I was hopeful, but cautious. By the time we got to mid-season, I had emotionally checked out of "Rebel ANYTHING" because it just hurt too bad to endure loss after loss after pathetic loss. I rarely even came here, so I missed the second above thread, and all the great humor in it. Looking back now, it made me really appreciate the 'Cup and how you people can lift each others (and my) SPIRITS* EVEN AT THIS PROGRAM'S LOWEST POINTS. (*- no pun intended...but hell, we DO love spirits here!!!)

I said all that to say, "Didja know we have a clairvoyant in here?" It's true. Reading a thread full of posts from folks making the best of a sorry situation, I was enjoying the laughs when I found THIS GEM hidden in the thread in the very first post beneath the picture of Wyle E. Coyote & the Roadrunner.


If I had only been less weak-willed and lily-livered in my desire to take the pounding all season, I'd have seen this post WAAAAAAY back then and known there would indeed be HOPE springing eternal, just around the corner of Coach Giggity's very nasty fall from grace at Ole Miss!!!

I will try and do better in the future, brothers and sisters of the 'Cup-hood.

An aside for 'Cup poster "Me and Paul" who made the prediction...if you live in Mississippi, I'd head to Tunica right about now (or to Gulfport/Biloxi if you're closer to the coast) and hit the tables, my friend! That shit was AWESOME!!


In doing my research to get my timeline and game facts right, I went HERE. I discovered that the UM Athletics Department included the Grove Bowl as a win for the 2011/2012 season. Is it just me, or is that bizarre?

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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