Rebel Roundup - March 18, 2013


There is a lot of good news to go around this morning in your Monday morning link dump.

Let's relive yesterday's fun, just for a moment...

Ole Miss Beats Florida in SEC Title Game |
Murphy Holloway finally earned his NCAA Tournament appearance. Marshall Henderson trolled the hell out of Florida fans and the rest of the SEC's coaches. Andy Kennedy justified his existence. Ole Miss fans finally had a postseason opportunity worth celebrating. Really, yesterday afternoon was fan-damned-tastic for we fans of the red and blue. It's something we are not quite used to, but I love it all the same.

No. 12 seed Ole Miss to play No. 5 Wisconsin in NCAA Tournament | EotC
We have a hell of a test on our hands in this opening round, as we play against No. 5 seed Wisconsin in Kansas City. The Badgers are ranked in the top-25, and made it to the B1G tournament championship game yesterday where they lost to the Ohio State Buckeyes. They beat Indiana and Michigan in the tournament to get to that point, so they're a hot team right now. They also have regular season wins against Michigan and Ohio State, as well as several other NCAA tournament bound teams. So, in short, they're a more than worthy opponent. Oh, and we saw you on TV, Hugh. We scowled.

Marshall Henderson dominates in Ole Miss' 2013 SEC Tournament run |
If you're an Ole Miss fan, you love him. If you're not, you probably hate him. Either way, it's impossible to not have an opinion on Marshall Henderson, who has quickly become one of the most talked about personalities in college basketball today.

Marshall Henderson won 10 games of 'pong' in a row last night | USA Today
Of course he did. Dude's got range.

Baseball wins in extra innings | EotC
Somewhat obscured by yesterday's basketball excitement was the No. 6 Ole Miss baseball team taking the series against No. 11 Arkansas in Fayetteville. They took the rubber match in the 13th inning yesterday, winning 6-4.

Ole Miss Holds First Spring Practice Of 2013 |
Also lost in the Sunday excitement was the opening practice of the 2013 spring season. The Rebs were in helmets and shorts yesterday, but only ran through drills for an hour before calling practice early to celebrate the basketball team's arrival at the Tad Pad for Selection Sunday.

And then there's this video of Paul Mainieri calling Mississippi State "bush league"

Like any good Rebel baseball fan, I don't like Paul Mainieri or LSU one damn bit. But I do like this video a lot.

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