Reginald Buckner Avoids Suspension


If you still haven't seen the skirmish that erupted during the 2nd half of the Missouri game that caught national attention, check it out HERE. These types of things always have an affinity to wind up on YouTube. The action begins at roughly the 0:18 mark. What I like about this video is that it highlights the play in its entirety, including the blatant trip by Missouri's Alex Oriakhi that instigated the entire debacle.

In short, the breakdown of the post-whistle action is as follows:

- Buckner is tripped by Oriakhi

- Buckner stands up and charges a then prone Oriakhi

- Laurence Bowers (Mizzou #21) shoves Buckner in defense of his teammate

- Murphy Holloway (Ole Miss #31) shoves Bowers for shoving Buckner

- Simultaneously, while referees are corralling Buckner, Bowers enters the picture from being shoved by Holloway. This part of the action is what earned Buckner an ejection from the game. If viewed second by second, subjectively, I think that Buckner's arm is already extending before Bowers is shoved into his range. In other words, it doesn't seem to me that Buckner intentionally made contact with Bowers' face, and it certainly wouldn't have happened without the help of Holloway rocketing Bowers back into the action. It was not the traditional "ball up your first" punch, but it was enough for the referees to toss him.

- After the contact to the face, Holloway shoves Bowers for a second time.

- Alex Oriakhi (Mizzou #42), the gent that tripped Buckner and that has quietly been enjoying the action from the background, quickly pulls the legs of his basketball shorts up and squats in a quasi-boxer/sumo stance, looking in Holloway's direction. Nothing transpired, though; and if I may say, that certainly benefited Oriakhi. I'm not saying Holloway would win that fight... I'm just saying Holloway would win that fight.

At this point, Coach Kennedy and company ran onto the floor to aid the referees in separating the involved players.

When the dust settled, the fouls were handed out as follows:

- A Flagrant 1 foul on Alex Oriakhi for tripping Buckner

- A technical foul on Laurence Bowers for shoving Buckner

- A technical foul on Murphy Holloway for shoving Bowers

- A Flagrant 2 foul on Reginald Buckner for making contact to Bowers' face

Buckner was subsequently ejected because of the Flagrant 2 call. However, since the ejection was based off a flagrant foul rather than fighting, Buckner will not be suspended for the upcoming game against Texas A&M.

Thoughts? Comments? Does Buckner deserve a suspension? Did any of the other players involved deserve to be ejected as well?

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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