Patrick Willis, Greg Hardy and Dexter McCluster voted to Pro Bowl

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

This is OUR all-star game!!1

Patrick Willis, Greg Hardy and Dexter McCluster are heading to Honolulu. The threesome of former Ole Miss Rebels were announced among the 2014 Pro Bowl roster on Friday night.

It's the first selection for Dex, who was voted in as a punt returner (No, not a kick returner -- the NFL's eliminated kickoffs from the all-star game. They've also put two-minute warnings into every quarter and shortened the play clock. Shit's weird.) He leads the league in both punt return yards and attempts (the Chiefs defense is good, y'all), averaging 11.5 yards in the process.

Bourbon is the Patrick Willis of liquor: The P-Willies of the world

Dex also housed two punts, the only player in the league to do so. Here he is making one of the plays of the year in an 89-yard return against the Giants (with sound effects!):

And here his embarrassing the shitty Redskins in a game I got offered $15 tickets to but couldn't go because I had to work (yea, I'm butthurt about it).

Hardy, who would be a selection for the All-Crazy team as well, is also on the roster for the first time. The defensive end leads the Panthers with 11 sacks and has racked up 53 tackles and a forced fumble in his fourth season in the league. He also has the most quarterback hits in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus, which I find a very fitting category for his crazy ass to lead.

Here's his highlight video:

P-Willie, being the Patrick Willis of linebackers and all, has been a Pro Bowler in every one of his seven NFL seasons. He has 98 tackles on the year and will likely notch his sixth 100-tackle season when the Niners close their schedule against Arizona on Sunday. He also has three sacks, two forced fumbles and is rated the league's third-best inside backer by Pro Football Focus (which is bullshit because Patrick Willis isn't third best in anything, stats be damned).

Interestingly enough, the Chiefs and 49ers tied for the league lead in Pro Bowl selections with eight apiece.

This year's Pro Bowl is a little whacky, as it's unconferenced for the first time. Players were voted in regardless of conference, and Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders will hold a fantasy-style draft in January to set the two teams.

SB Nation has you covered for the entire roster of NFC playersAFC players and snubs.

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