SEC Power Poll Ballot - Week Whatever This Week Is

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

We're not really sure how this poll should look, but the debate is fun, right?!

Gah, the SEC really is confusing, isn't it? Here's our best stab at ranking the teams from 1-14, with our bad opinions and unoriginal observations serving as annotations.

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide - It's beyond predictable at this point.
  2. Auburn Tigers - So, this is the second best team in the SEC? I'm not so sure of that, but it's tough to make a solid case for anyone, Auburn included.
  3. Texas A&M Aggies - A&M fans plan to chant "one more year" at Johnny Football this Saturday during their Senior Day ceremonies. I'm pretty sure they're going to be let down.
  4. Missouri Tigers - What's not talked about enough is how good Mizzou's DL is. That's the kind of DL play that can win in the SEC, obviously.
  5. South Carolina Gamecocks - If SCar can take care of business, they could be in Atlanta in December.
  6. Ole Miss Rebels - Yeah, we're biased, but we think Ole Miss is the best three-loss team in the country, and stands without an embarrassing or surprising loss (save for maybe the Auburn defeat).
  7. LSU Tigers - Really looking forward to LSU losing out, you guys (they probably won't, but a Rebel can dream).
  8. Georgia Bulldogs - Even without their injuries, Georgia would have struggled this season. Their defense simply isn't all that good.
  9. Tennessee Volunteers - Butch is the hire of the offseason.
  10. Florida Gators - Florida plays dumb, boring, oafish football, and they don't do it particularly well.
  11. Vanderbilt Commodores - Quietly working towards bowl eligibility, further cementing James "Soon-to-be-the-head-coach-at-USC" Franklin's impressive resume.
  12. Mississippi State Bulldogs - Pretty much could be anywhere from #8 to #13 with the way they've performed this season, so I put them towards the bottom because we don't like them. Rivalries and whatnot.
  13. Arkansas Razorbacks - Please don't struggle against the Hogs, Ole Miss. Please.
  14. Kentucky Wildcats - I almost put Arkansas here just to shake shit up a bit.

Where are we wrong? Let us know in the comments thread. Oh, and the final results are over at Team Speed Kills here.

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