Rebel Roundup - November 11, 2013

Wesley Hitt

Happy Veterans Day, y'all.

The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month
Happy Veterans Day, everyone. Whether you're enjoying it as a day off of work or school (does Ole Miss get Veterans Day off?), don't forget why it is that you're celebrating. Millions of men and women have served both the United States and our allies to ensure the security and stability of not only the United States itself but, in the 20th Century, the world by and large. They deserve the nation's gratitude today.

(Also, I feel it would be inappropriate to start HATIN' on Troy today because of this. So let's wait until tomorrow - I mean, c'mon, it's Troy. How much HATE can you muster anyway?)

Ole Miss vs. Arkansas Highlights

Career Day Has Ole Miss Rebels Earn Bowl Eligiblity |
Bo Wallace throw for a personal best 407 yards against Arkansas on Saturday afternoon. Granted, Arkansas has by far the worst secondary in the Southeastern Conference, but such an accomplishment is still noteworthy. Even with two bizarre interceptions, it's tough to overlook just how well Wallace and his receivers performed against the Hogs.

Ole Miss aiming for 9 wins, bigger, better bowl game | The Clarion-Ledger
Most projections have the Rebels in either the Music City Bowl or the Gator Bowl. I, of course, want the Rebels to simply win out and get invited to the best possible bowl they can, but if I did have my druthers among the many possibilities I'd have the Rebs in Nashville. Sure, it'll be a much colder experience than, say, the Chick-Fil-A Bowl in the Georgia Dome, but to begin and end the Rebels' season partying in Nashville would be a lot of fun.

Souza To Represent Rebels, Brazil Against US Women's National Team |
Rafaelle Souza, one of the stars of the nationally-ranked Ole Miss soccer team, will represent her home nation of Brazil this weekend when the Brazilian women's national soccer team takes on their American counterparts ("Team USA #1 Never Forget Love it or Leave it," as I like to call it) at 2:30 PM Central on Sunday. Catch the game on NBC. Maybe she'll give a "the University of Ole Miss" shoutout.

Apparently this is old news. Oh well. It's still neat.

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