SEC Power Poll - Week 6

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Our ballot for this week shouldn't surprise anybody.

1. Alabama - Alabama may not be the best team in the country, but they're almost certainly the best team in a diminished SEC.

2. Texas A&M - Yay! Texas A&M has a bye week to prepare for Ole Miss just like Auburn did! Yippee!

3. Georgia - Aaron Murray doesn't have time for you to tell him he doesn't have any receivers left on roster. He will get all the yards.

4. LSU - LSU let Mississippi State hang around just a little too long for my taste. Still, in Jeremy Hill they have the best college player ever to *allegedly* punch someone on camera and suffer no consequences.

5. South Carolina - Some people may have missed South Carolina only beating Kentucky by a touchdown. That's kind of shocking, but the Gamecocks were playing not to lose, giving up 21 points in the fourth quarter. That made it look much closer than it actually was.

6. Florida - I watched the Florida-Arkansas game with a Florida fan, and for almost the entire first half, he was sure the Gators would lose. I kept telling him that Arkansas is the most one-dimensional offense in the league. He wouldn't listen. Then Arkansas passed 43 times and generated just 164 yards through the air. They also only gained 3.8 yards per carry. All this to say, Florida's defense is sick.

7. Missouri - Missouri beat the hell out of Vanderbilt and is still unbeaten. Congrats, Tigers. Maybe someday people won't chant SEC! SEC! SEC! after an SEC team beats you.

8. Auburn - Auburn... beat Ole Miss. It was sad. I... I was sad. Seriously, they're an alright team. Hell, they're about to be 5-1. Not a bad start for the Malzahn regime.

9. Ole Miss - more like the Old Piss Weebs, amirite?

10. Mississippi State - Dak Prescott can't throw. Mississippi State fans are shocked.

11. Tennessee - despite a game against Georgia that went to overtime and honestly should have been won by the Vols, they couldn't quite get it done. Tennessee has a pretty good team, but until they're able to move the ball better, they're going to be in the bottom tier of this list.

12. Arkansas - Perhaps the solution to all of Arkansas' problems is simply to run it up the middle EVEN MORE.

13. Vanderbilt - dammit. Why did you have to start sucking so much, Vandy? I want to continue being happy about our win.

14. Kentucky - Ha. Kentucky.

The full SEC Power Poll results for this week can be found here. Tell us where we went wrong in the comments section below.

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