Crootin' With Clancey: January Edition


By Clancey

Regional Crootin’ Analysist

How do, Crootniks! If there’s one month that will get your blood bubbling with lots of crootin’ talk and prospect developments, its January. In this special edition of Crootin’ With Clancy, we’ll take a look at the prospects burning up the Ole Miss Big Red Hot Board of Champions. Lets get to it!

Robert Nkemdiche – What can I say? You all know by now that the Ole Miss staff has really taken the bull by the hooves in this recruitment, and most everyones in agreement that he’s going to be a Rebel. Now, I hate to tempt expectations, but even in statistics, theres a thing called a “possibility” that the number won’t work out how you expect it to. Nothings 100%!!! That being said, I think its save to say, Robert’s going to be a Rebel! Unless he isn’t. Don’t say we didn’t warm you, Crootniks!

Ryan Buchanan – We all know that Ryan’s been commited to Ole Miss for a good long while now, but its impotent not to forget how vital he is to this class! With Bo graduating in a few years, this staff really believes they need that home run thrower and they think Ryan is the perfect fit. Don’t take him for granted, Crootniks! While I don’t advocare Facebook stalking prospects, showing him the love can’t hurt either! Remember, its like I always say, “A loved prospect is a happy prospect,” so get out there and make him feel special today!

Kailo Moore – He’s a Rebel, folks! Now, I’m not one to glote about being write, but I did hint at a “Christmas Present” a few weeks ago. Seems like Santa’s a little behind schedule, but the man in red delivers, don’t he?! Look, I know a lots of people in a certain city are talking about Kailo “only being a track guy” but I couldn’t disagree more if I tried! He’s like a throughoutbred on the field, and he’s only going to get better with time.

Jarran Reed – It’s JUCO crootin’, and with JUCO crootin’ you never can’t tell whats going to happen, because it’s just JUCO crootin’. Got to love how this staff works, though! Heard a rumor that even while he was visiting Florida last weekend, he was singing Coach Freezes praises to other prospects. He’d be a big time get for this class, but again, it’s JUCO crootin’ and we all know that nothings certain in JUCO crootin’ because things change all the time in JUCO crootin’. That’s why we call it JUCO!

Chris Jones – You’ve really got to give credit to the MSU staff for finding, evaluating and offering this kid. He was a true diamond in the sand! He’s really blown up on the national stage recently, so don’t be surprised if he gets that coveted sixth star beside his name before its all over and done with. I am hearing that Kailo and some others are in his ear a lot about OM, so we'll shalt see. I don’t blame anyone in Starkville for wanting this one to be over, but the chickens can’t be counted till the hens are home to roost!

A couple of players have been cut from the OM Big Red Hot Board of Champions. The staff and players mutally agreed to part ways. Expect most of those players to commit to other schools in the near future, if they haven’t already.

Finally, before we close out this edition of Crootin’ With Clancey, I’m hearing lots of chatter about a new recruit on the national stage. This is a big-time prospect who has offers from literally every single coach in the nation. It’s quickly becoming no secret at all that he’s leaning heavily toward adding the Rebels to his final five, and a visit could be immediate! Will revel more when I’m able!

Until next time, don’t forget to reknew that subscription, and keep gazing at those stars!

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