Bold Predictions: UTEP

[ED: Thanks again. Made some stylistic edits and frontpaged. I like the review of last week's bold predictions. Nice touch.]

If y’all want to do another week of bold predictions, here they are. This time, we're looking at the upcoming Ole Miss vs. UTEP game in Oxford.

If you'll recall, last week I suggested we begin this series of bold predictions to give everyone an opportunity to prognosticate how our Rebels will perform in the upcoming game. I asked you all for predictions and made a few of my own. A lot of you participated, with a few of you actually taking it seriously. For the most part, we were fairly accurate in our predictions; however, like every other football game ever, there were divine forces that intervened with the flow of the game. Thus, many of our predictions fell just short due to dumb luck, a sore throat, or some sort of hangover.

After reviewing the submissions from last week, here are the best predictions y'all gave, followed by my bold predictions for this weekend. Do share your own in the comments thread after the jump.

Bo Wallace scores 3 touchdowns.

-Reb on the Rez

This was my first prediction and I was exactly right in my thinking that Bo would throw for two and run for another. I’d like to think my bonus prediction came true with Nick Parker gorging on some delicious spicy McChicken sandwiches in celebration of the victory.

Tyler Campbell does not play (all season).

Wimmins will be looking fine.


I did notice when we punted the second time that Tyler Campbell was not the guy booting the ball, so this prediction was accurate for UCA. Also, wimmins were indeed looking fine.

The game is way closer than it should be

After skipping the wins of LA-Lafayette in 2010 and S. Illinois last year, i will get to see my rebels win at home for the first time since Oct 2, 2010 against KY…damn thats depressing.


At the half we all had our WAOM moment so the first prediction was true. We won the day for the first time in a long time.

The Rebels will score 45 or more points in this game...

-Mark K

The Rebels scored 49 points. You win the Price is Right.

Freeze thanks God for being there. "It’s an honor just to be nominated."

Freeze blows up my twitterfeed with thousands of Game Day RTs.

-Sideline Snead

Seeing Freeze on the Walk of Champions was damn near the most awesome walk I’ve been a part of. He was genuinely moved by it and "humbled" to be in the position he is in. I like that guy.

Nkemdiche is gonna make lil bro proud


As drunk as you were when this was sent, I’ll give ya credit for the call on Nkemdiche.

So those are a few predictions from last week that stood out to me as ‘accurate’ based on the memories of my inebriated experience. You may agree or disagree, but we have no poll on this so everyone’s a winner.

My Bold Predictions against UTEP:

  • We gain at least 500 yards on offense
  • Defense holds UTEP under 24
  • Mackey rebounds from a lackluster performance and gains 100 all purpose yards
  • Final: Rebs 35-21

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