Jeremy Liggins: Does Ole Miss Still Want Him? Does He Now Want Us?

The saga of former Lafayette County quarterback Jeremy Liggins just gets weirder and weirder.

In case you need your memory refreshed, Jeremy Liggins was a Dandy Dozen selection, a three star prospect, and a somewhat highly recruited quarterback out of Oxford's Lafayette County High School. Early during his high school recruitment, he was considered a Mississippi State lean, then a heavy Ole Miss lean (even showing up to Ole Miss basketball games a week before his commitment decked in Rebel gear), all before eventually committing to LSU on the Oxford Square.

Then, after that, it was revealed that he wasn't even academically eligible to enroll at LSU - or any SEC school, for that matter - and found himself signing up to play ball at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

All of that made him persona non grata in and about Oxford. Here he was, a hometown high school hero, having led Lafayette County to state championships as a stellar, big-bodied quarterback, spending his time about the town wearing Ole Miss gear and meeting with the Rebel coaches, only to commit to LSU, be denied academic eligibility, and wind up at MGCCC.

Oh, and then he left community college. That's right. He signed up, then left, and is now back in Oxford where he is, per reports, hanging out at the ongoing Ole Miss fall football practices. What on Earth is he up to now? Well, per the man himself he's

[n]ot taking anything away from junior college, I felt like I could get eligible for Division I ball without having to stay two years and risking injury and my scholarship being taken away

I see, and like, his strategy here. By not practicing with the team at MGCCC, he doesn't get the NCAA "clock" ticking on his Juco eligibility. If he were to do that, he'd then be required to graduate from community college before transferring to a D1 program. Since he hasn't done that, he can simply enter community college (presumably Northwest Community College in his home town of Oxford now) to work on his NCAA eligibility. If he can become eligible to enroll in an SEC institution in just a semester, then he could be at the school of his choice and a member of said school's football team as early as December.

It seems that missing a semester of practice, workouts, and football is, for Liggins, a better alternative to missing two whole seasons of SEC football.

This then raises an interesting question: if he is indeed enrolling at a community college in his neck of the woods, does that signal his intent to eventually enroll at Ole Miss? If that is the case, would we even want or need the guy? Do you, as a fan, want the guy?

Could we forgive and forget the public Oxonian spurning of Ole Miss? Or is Jeremy Liggins still, as before, persona non grata 'round these here parts?

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