Rebel Roundup - August 20, 2012

Amish Deacon and Ole Miss linebacker Mike "Jeddidiah" Marry is seen here speaking into a devil tube at SEC Media Days in Hoover, Alabama.

Preseason Report 08.18 : Backs Shine In Scrimmage |
BeardedGinger's scrimmage report is below, so give it a read if you haven't. Also, follow this link for the official report issued by the athletics department if you're into more official things which are done officially under official auspices, and whatnot.

Ole Miss searching for SEC caliber players |
With only a few weeks of practice left until our Rebels open against Central Arkansas, there remain several spots on the Rebel depth chart in need of filling. Most notably, neither Barry Brunetti nor Bo Wallace have earned the starting quarterback job, but there are also positions up for grabs in the trenches and in the defensive backfield.

Despite thin ranks, it's full-speed ahead for Ole Miss Rebels' offense | The Commercial Appeal
Of course this is entirely a hyperbole, but the Commercial Appeal's take on Hugh Freeze's ideal offensive situation is entertaining, silly, and entirely something I would love to see.

Offensive linemen are sucking air. Receivers are running on and off the field. Quarterbacks hope their heads won't explode trying to process play calls in a blink. Defenses don't have time to substitute. Fans don't have time to make change for the hot-dog vendor. Don't turn your head or you'll miss the totally unexpected trick play thrown in for good measure.

Hugh Freeze likes a fast pace, and he likes scoring a lot of points, and those are goals of his for this football season whether or not his players are capable of achieving them.

Ole Miss DT Gross bucking odds | The Clarion-Ledger
In spite of being at least 30 pounds lighter than his fellow defensive tackles, freshman Issac Gross, a highly-touted South Panola prospect, has seen significant action with the first team defense in Rebel practices thus far. It seems that his size, or lack thereof, is his only real weakness, as he is strong, quick, and has a very good understanding of the sport.

Put Your Politics Aside for a Moment...
...and just appreciate this photograph of a major candidate for the highest office in the most powerful country on Earth doing, like, the second or third most Ole Miss thing ever - dragging his family around on what is presumably his boat while wearing an Ole Miss Rebels polo. The shorts, are a bit of a lagniappe at this point, but they're appreciated all the same.

Click to Bring this 99% image to the 1%, y'all.

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