Ole Miss Scrimmage Report - August 11, 2012

[ED: Thank you to Rebel of Fortune for submitting this. I encourage other to do the same. If you all do, I'll compile all of the observations into one big practice report that captures everyone's impression of today's open scrimmage.]

Ole Miss started scrimmage a little late this morning, which was good for me 'cause I got there late.

First off Hugh Freeze name says it all; it was pretty hot out there and he was in a long sleeve shirt. Freeze is pretty laid back when it comes to coaching, only when the team really fucked up was when Freeze showed any anger. Freeze really focuses mainly on the quaterbacks and always gives them a talking after every possession in a very calm manner.

On to position groups:

QB - In all honesty, Mikhail Miller had the best day of all the Quaterbacks. He led the team down the field well in his one series. Bo Wallace started off with a good day and finished awfully. Bo Wallace got picked twice - one coming on a screen by Gilbert Pena (I repeat Gilbert Pena picked off a pass to end practice) and the defense loved it. Barry Brunetti was awful the whole day, getting picked three times. It could have been four if it wasn't for pass interference call. He was also called for a safety on grounding.

RB - Jeff Scott did not practice [ED: He may still be suffering concussion symptoms]. Randall Mackey had the best day for any offensive player. Every time the ball was in his hands he made plays. At this point Freeze might want to run a wildcat with Mackey because it seems that might be the best offense at this point. I'Tavius Mathers also had a great practice. One play he juked the shit out of a defender before doing the same to another. Mathers also broke a long run for about 50 yards. Jaylen Walton made some nice plays as well. He has some good hands and would not shock me if we see him in the slot. There is depth at RB, which is good considering Freeze has talked about not having depth at that position.

WR- Ja-Mes Logan made a nice catch by going up and getting a high pass at the start of scrimmage. Moncrief had a bad day. On one play, Bo went play action and Moncrief went to block. Bo hit Moncrief right on the back. There were a lot of dropped balls.

OL - Darone Bailey went down with what looks like a leg injury.

DL - Cameron Whingham stood out and stayed in the backfield most of the scrimmage. Gilbert Pena picked off the pass to end practice. Most of the scrimmage, the DL was staying in the backfield making plays.

LB - Aaron Garbutt really stood out making tackles and has gotten a lot bigger since last year.

CB - The corner backs got this best of the wide receivers.

S - Trae Elston's range is NFL good. He saved a big play in the passing game at one point by coming out of nowhere, extending his body, and tipping the ball away.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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