Ole Miss Quotables From SEC Media Days

I don't always herp. But when I herp, I derp.

2012 SEC Media Days has come and gone, but the quips and quibbles from coaches and players alike during the 3 day event will remain a part of the collective SEC memory until at least kickoff. Here are the most interesting quotes as they relate to Ole Miss, pulled from the Ole Miss coaches and players from yesterday's press conferences and interviews.

First, coach Hugh Freeze:

  • I've never felt quite the chemistry with [Ross Bjork] as I have felt with an AD.
  • I'm a realist...our program is in a spot that none of us are happy with.
  • How do you view the city of Oxford as a recruiting tool?
  • Newsweek ranked oxford the number one college town in America. [It did?]
  • (Said to the media after mentioning Oxford's accolades.) If you wanna tweet that out, that'd be great.
  • I can see the bodies [of our players] changing.
  • (Regarding focus on the Egg Bowl) We have so many other issues to prepare for.
  • (Regarding academic troubles faced by the team) There needed to be some revamping of [academic priorities]. We did inherit a significant challenge there. It's not a total disaster. It comes back to personal accountability. We have serious concerns about four kids.
  • We've got a core group of guys who have bought in.
  • I feel very blessed to have Dan Werner on our staff. His sole responsibility is to develop quarterbacks.
  • Yes, we will start with co number one quarterbacks. I've been very pleased with the way I see them...coming around the [IPF] a lot to study.
  • Charles Sawyer, he's a maniac in our workouts...Mike Marry, one of the finest kids I've been around. Donte Moncrief...I do believe that he has a chance to be in that same [NFL] caliber [as Mike Wallace and Shay Hodge].
  • We need some offensive linemen to continue to improve.
  • We see Memphis as being in-state...playing them gives us basically eight home games.
  • Bo [Wallace] needs more reps.
  • (Regarding the new college football playoff format) I think it's good for our sport.
  • (Regarding the Texas game) That could be one special day in Oxford, Mississippi.

From linebacker Mike Marry, who was dressed like a fraternity pledge:

  • We noticed a drop off in the fans last year, made us play harder. We want them back.
  • A lot of players didn't care" and "gave up too easily during games ... didn't expect to win.
  • Taking care of the small things - that's one of the things that Coach Freeze emphasizes.

Cornerback Charles Sawyer:

  • (Regarding "TSUN" and other nonsense) We say "Mississippi State". You show a grown man respect
  • Transition has been good, smooth...with this new coaching staff.
  • (Regarding the pace of the new offense) If you blink, they've already hiked the ball...high tempo, spread...a lot of teams don't run that... it makes a defense tired.

Donte Moncrief:

  • (Regarding his fashion choices vs. those of Charles Sawyer at SEC Media Days) I got him beat
  • (Regarding cowbells) I hate them. I wish they'd take those things away from them.
  • Bo Wallace currently has the lead in the QB race...He's more of a leader right now... It will come down to fall camp.

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