Rebel Roundup - July 11, 2012

A look at the former SEC baseballers in last night's MLB all-star game.

Ole Miss combines health services into one department | Ole Miss sports
What does this mean?

Ole Miss Athletics has created the unit for Health and Sports Performance, which combines all of the necessary services for optimal health performance into one complete collaborative department.

A big part of this move involves the hire of Pat Jernigan tohead the athletic training programs for the football team (note, this isn't strength and conditioning, but rather things involving overall cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health). Pat was an associate trainer for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers for over ten years. Again, AD Ross Bjork has hired someone based on their qualifications and experience, and not necessarily their ties to Ole Miss. I still really haven't gotten used to this whole "running an athletics department in a professional, innovative, and competent manner" deal just yet.

Also, according to the Twitters, the expansion of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium will include some sort of a clocktower which will have a victory bell, a la those at Georgia and Alabama. Sounds neat enough.

@blakekirbyreb's tweet was a natural response to my bitching about low-fat mayonnaise.

Dandy Dozen Selections Begin | The Clarion-Ledger
Antonio Connor has been named first member of the 2012 Dandy Dozen. The Safety out of South Panola is looking at Ole Miss, State, and Bama.

New Coaches In The SEC: A Handy and Unscientific Guide |
From SBNation and EDSBS' Spencer Hall comes this guide to everything you need to know about the newest coaches in the Southeastern Conference. He takes it easy on us for two reasons: our season's going to be tough, and Dan Werner's a nice guy who loves his kids.

Rebs commit No. 1 nationally at his position |
Tate Blackman, a shortstop out of Altamonte Springs (Lake Brantley), FL and an Ole Miss Rebel commit, is ranked by Perfect Game as the number one middle infielder in America for his high school class. So, yeah, he'll probably be drafted out from under us. Oh well.

SB Nation College Football Hall Of Fame's Inaugural Class Revealed This Week |
Remember when we nominated a bunch of Mississippians for the SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame? Well, none of them made it, but most of them will soon be up for a vote! We'll keep you in the loop on that.

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