Rebel Roundup - June 4, 2012

Bud Selig, an old curmudgeon, will preside over today's MLB draft.

The MLB Draft is Today
Watch as half of our recruiting class is decimated by professional franchises!

Ole Miss can't handle TCU; must win today to advance | The Clarion-Ledger
Tonight's for all the regional's marbles. Texas Christian played a heck of a game defensively and on the mound yesterday and cruised to a 5-2 victory over the Rebels. Both teams now sit at 2-1, meaning that both face elimination tonight. We will have more on this, and an open thread, as the game approaches.

Schedule analysis: Ole Miss | SEC Blog - ESPN
What does a quick analysis of Ole Miss' 2012 football schedule reveal? That we've got a tough schedule, something which will be a recurring theme this off season and, undoubtedly, during the season itself. Hey, it makes a convenient excuse for losses, so that's something to appreciate.

Ole Miss tries to recruit its way out of the SEC cellar |
I commend Hugh Freeze and staff's dedication to discipline, off season workouts, and academics, and I trust his ability to design, teach, and implement an offensive playbook, but where Hugh Freeze has really impressed me thus far is with recruiting. Say what you will about coaching, because we all know that talent is what matters most in the SEC.

QB Ryan Buchanan enjoys Florida visit | Gators Football Recruiting -
Jackson Prep Quarterback Ryan Buchanan - the most Ole Miss prospect who hasn't been the offspring of a Manning or somehow related to Eddie Strong, ever - visited Florida this past weekend and is said to have enjoyed it immensely. He also picked up an Alabama offer recently. Despite this new fervor surrounding the quarterback's recruitment, he is said to announce his decision at 2PM central today. More on this as it develops.

Speaking of recruiting, the #1 overall player in high school football, Robert Nkemdiche, visited Mississippi State this past weekend. He is, allegedly, looking to commit to Ole Miss or Alabama, but after his visit to Starkville he did have this to say via the Twitters:

State fans will say this "brother" is Nick Schuessler, a quarterback from Nkemdiche's high school who is on State's roster, and that his desire to remain with him signals a desire to remain in Starkville. Ole Miss fans will say this brother is his biological brother, Ole Miss defensive back Denzel Nkemdiche, and that this remark is his reason that he will not commit to Mississippi State. We at the Cup, however, say that this is JUST A TWEET AND MEANS NOTHING BECAUSE HE PROBABLY PUT ALL OF THREE SECONDS WORTH OF THOUGHT INTO THIS STOP TRYING TO PLAY NICOLAS CAGE IN HIDDEN TREASURE HERE NOT EVERYTHING IS A DAN BROWN NOVEL SERIOUSLY Y'ALL IT'S A 17-YEAR-OLD ON TWITTER.

2012 SEC/Big East Challenge Matchups Announced | OLEMISSSPORTS.COM
On Saturday, December 1, 2012, the Rebels will host the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers in the soon-to-be-razed Tool Pool. Everything I know about New Jersey I learned from the Sopranos and Jersey Shore, which means I expect either lots of handguns, illicit money, and irrational outrage or gelled hair, bronzed gym rats, and shitty attitudes. It's television, so it's science.

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