The Spring Game Up North

Last Saturday, our Ole Miss Rebels scrimmaged in front of an announced 25,000 312 fans in Vaught Hemingway Stadium. It was cold, and had rained the night before, but I was out there and these are my thoughts.

Goods :

  • The McCluster Fluster* made an appearance early on in the game! I believe the ball-carrier was either Jeff "Next Dex" Scott, or Korvic "I'm just happy to be here" Neat. The run went for about 10 yards.
  • Bo Wallace will be starting next fall. He looked calm and collected as he passed his way to 240 yards.
  • Something I noticed that I haven't seen in Lord knows how long in Ole Miss football was that Wallace was actually going through a progression on passing downs. (!!!)
  • Donte Moncreif looked like the elite receiver we hope he can be next year. He also looks a little bigger and taller than I remember him being. Donte had two touchdown snags and, I think, close to 70 yards receiving.
  • Vincent Sanders led all receivers with close to 90 yards and a touchdown. I think he and Offensive Spring MVP Ja-mes Logan can be capable 2nd and 3rd options in this offense.
  • Makhail(sp?) Miller looked impressive in his limited snaps. I think that with a few years in this system, he could be very good.
  • Barry Brunetti only had 64 yards through the air. :( But did much better on the ground than Bo. He gained about 120 on the ground, including a 76 yarder on a read-opition run.
  • CB #1 I think his last name is Collins. He is a baller. He had 2 int's on the day. One was on an errant pass by Miller, but the other was wallace pass to Moncreif in the endzone. Collins ripped past Donte, tipped the ball into the air, then dove and caught it before it hit the ground. He will be a good one.
  • The rebels converted a number of long-yardage PAT's. So there's that!

Bads :

  • Tempo. We were not running up to the tempo that Freeze would like us to be at come fall. Paul Jackson is going to have a helluva job this summer getting these players in shape.
  • Handoffs were sometimes terrible. Barry messed up two handoffs that resulted in fumbles.
  • Penalties. There were many of them.
  • Tobias Singleton at running back. Bias had the lone fumble of the day on a run up the middle. I think he is still learning the ins and outs of his new position, and will there for cut him some slack.
  • The run game. The rebels didn't move the ball against the rebels very well on Saturday. And remember, this is the same Rebel D that made that Skeeter McGee walk-on RB from LA-Tech look good last year...
  • Tyler Campbell(yes, I know my username is a misspelling. My bad) didn't look too great. Hopefully he will do whatever is necessary to get into Heisman form by fall.
  • Randall Mackey at reciever. Like Tobias, I think Mackey is still learning the intricacies of his new position.


  • The O Line. If this squad is going to win more than three games this year, our O Line HAS GOT to be better. They gave up sack after sack on Saturday. Paul Jackson needs to whip their asses in shape, and do it fast. We also have no depth along the line whatsoever. A little help in the depth area is coming once the recruiting class in Ben Still and Robert "I wrestle motherfucking alligators for fun" Conyers.

* The McCluster Fluster was a trick play we ran against Memphis in (I believe) 2008. Look it up on the Youtubes.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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