What to Watch for this Weekend

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It's these spring weekends during which Oxford and Ole Miss shows us their very best. Sure, fall afternoons spent in the Grove or Vaught-Hemingway are unlike anything in all of college football; and lazy Summers spent on the City Grocery balcony, fishing at Sardis, or knocking around balls on the Ole Miss golf course's are all a sublime testament to Oxford's small town charm; but these few weekends in April where it's not yet hot enough to be Summer but the days certainly are long and lazy enough simply cannot be beat.

You've got spring football, the Double Decker music festival, Patagonia stand up shorts, crawfish boils, all different manners of fraternity parties, really baggy tank tops on girls (a new fashion trend those of us older than 22 don't really understand), a revived Oxonian music and arts scene, and generally good vibes, and you've got them all in spades.

Even as a young alumnus, I'm starting to get nauseatingly nostalgic about it all. It pains me to know that I won't be able to spend even the slightest nanosecond in Oxford with you fine people, but that doesn't mean that you can't have enough fun so that I may vicariously live through you! So, with that, allow those of us at the Cup keep you in the loop of the goings on of this weekend and give you an idea of what to watch for.

You'll be hard pressed to find yourself bored this weekend. The Square should be alive and well (You drink specials? Here. Noteworthy is Burgundy Room's all night happy hour.) with enough good food and music to entertain anyone's tastes. The Oxford Police will likely be out in full force, needlessly harassing people as they leave the Library, so you'll get some free entertainment in to boot.

Tonight, the #22 Rebel baseball team will begin a three-game series against the #17 Razorbacks - more on that later - which means that a full and progressively less-clothed student section should be in order. Of special note is the fact that Brian Walker will be making a return to Swayze Field now that he's an assistant coach for the Razorbacks.

Yes, Brian Walker, as in this asshole right here:

So the man whose actions spawned arguably the greatest Ole Miss-related viral video as a competitor for a rival baseball team just so happens to be returning to the very same field on which he made himself infamous this weekend. I expect him to receive more than his fare share of bullshit from our fans.

After tonight's game, Gavin Degraw will be playing a free concert in the Grove. Yes, he'll probably wear some stupid fucking hat. Just go with it. If the weather's nice, it'll be fun and I'm sure they'll let you bring beer or something. I mean, it's a free concert. You're not too cool for a free concert, so get over yourself.

On Saturday, football! INCONSEQUENTIAL, LARGELY UNNECESSARY, AND WHOLLY UNORGANIZED FOOTBALL! Yessir/madam! It's back-ish, as there will be football played in Vaught-Hemingway stadium in front of a capacity crowd few thousand people.There will be a lot to take in during this game for the casual and hopelessly obsessed fan alike, such as:

  • Devin Thomas rushing for 125+ yards and 2TDs, again.
  • Sundresses, sunburns, floppy hats, a guy wearing a sweater vest and being really out of place.
  • Creed, Three Doors Down, Steely Dan (I say this as a Steely Dan fan...
    but that shit's not foobaw music)
  • People cheering louder for Bo Wallace's first handoff than for Brunetti's first touchdown pass. The same people cheering even louder for Andrew Ritter's fluttery, wobbly, weak-ass 20 yard field goal that scrapes the left upright.
  • Less satirically, though, the style of the offense in general is what's crucial to watch for this spring game. Those of you who will be there are lucky, because this is the type of spring game where it's fun to just be a casual fan. While in years past we've been trying to glean information about particular players and their individual progresses, this year we just want to see what types of things the team will be doing during the regular season. It's safe to say that no Ole Miss offense will look like whatever it is Hugh Freeze trots onto the field on Saturday, and that has some potential to be very, very exciting.
  • Oh, and Charles Sawyer. Seriously, just watch him. He's easily the best player we have on defense and could become an all-SEC corner in time.

Be certain to cheer at the game, because if you cheer loudly, Hugh Freeze will retweet you.

Before said football game, there will be an event on the Grove stage featuring Eli Manning, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, and others where they talk about their lives in the NFL, the exorbitant amounts of money they're making, how they're more interesting and famous than any of us will ever be, and so forth. Should be a blast!

Oh, and the Women's SEC Tennis Championships will be going on all week on the tennis courts so, yeah, watch those.

Hotty Toddy. Don't drink and drive. Don't be a dumbass. Take lots of pictures and put them on Facebook so your parents can scold you.

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