Rebel Roundup - April 2, 2012

Hudson Randall and the #1 Florida Gators are still, without a doubt, the most talented baseball team in America, but our Rebels have proven, yet again, that anything can happen in this wild and wacky sport we love.

April Fools Joke?
Hey Florida, we're gonna pinch run our starting pitcher and then have an inconsistent true freshman nervously hit a little wobbly gounder towards your first baseman, who will then proceed to throw wildly home and miss an opportunity to extend a close fought game and, instead, cause the #1 baseball team in the country to, yet again, lose in Oxford. Sound cool? ApRiL FoOlS!1

[For the past couple of years, I've made some sort of April Fools post tricking people into believing some valuable member of our football team had suffered an injury or been arrested or something dumb. I wasn't feeling creative enough to do that this year, nor did I want any bad karma to befall Donte Moncrief or DT Shackelford - again. So no jokes on anybody yesterday. You understand, I'm sure.]

Ole Miss tops Florida in series finale |
Here are the details of this one, as if you really need them. For some reason, Swayze Field has been the kryptonite #1-ranked baseball programs, as this weekend marked the third consecutive home victory of our program against the top squad in America. I know that elements of luck, opponent misfortune, talent, and coaching have more to do with it than anything else, but we fans would like to think that the unique and, frankly, unbeatable atmosphere we've created at Swayze field has to have something to do with it.

I mean, just look at this:

I totally realize that video was made by an Ole Miss guy paid to do Ole Miss work (And he does good work at that - check out and get him to, I dunno, take pictures of your dog or something. He's a professional and deserves your business and you know it.), but what else can compare to the raucous and dedicated fans our baseball program has?

Rebels Hold First Scrimmage Of Spring Drills |
SPRING FOOTBALL! More on this later today and tomorrow on Red Cup Radio. We've got some practice reports for you that we'll condense and summarize as best we can (big props to WVTNRebel and NerdtheRebel for the help.)

Bears set school records at Ole Miss meet |
Wait, which bears?! AMIRITE!?

Ole Miss Expanding Honors Program |

As an Honors College graduate (oh as if you didn't guess as much already), I think this is exciting, presuming they maintain the high standards of admission they've boasted over the past several years. What a lot of the SMBHC's detractors don't realize is that many of the people it attracts to Ole Miss would otherwise have nothing to do with the school or even the State of Mississippi - and some of these people are native Mississippians, to boot. These people, oftentimes, do meaningful things with their lives or, at the very least, earn a lot of money at some point in their lives. They, at that point, can only do well to promote and fund our alma mater.

So, if Ole Miss is going to continue to excel as Mississippi's flagship university while continuing to build a nationally recognized brand and reputation, an institution like the Honors College, and all of the money that it needs, should be continuously given room to improve and grow. Hats off to Chancellor Jones, Dean Sullivan-Gonzalez, and whomever else is responsible for this.

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