Rebels in MLB (week 2)

Now that the players have several games under their belt, I feel like I can give a little analysis to go along with these numbers. Baseball is my passion so I feel like i kinda half-ass know what I am talking about.

Another good week for the former Rebel players this week as we saw Lynn dominate again and Pomeranz made his first start of the season. As always, the players and their stats will be below the jump. Enjoy.

Drew Pomeranz (Rockies)- Made his first start of the season and it is one he needs to quickly forget about. Pitched just 4.1 innings allowing 9 hits and 5 ER with 2 walks to only 3 Ks. Threw 100 pitches in that outing. I personally don't believe this is a sign of things to come, but more so of just nerves from his first start of the season. He was having trouble keeping his pitches down and I dont care if you are Roy Halladay, major league hitters are going to light you up if you can't get your pitches down. I expect his next outing which is scheduled to be against the Brewers to be much better

Zack Cozart (Reds)- Zack is still leading the Reds in batting average at (.342). I know it is still early, but that is a pretty impressive number. His average is trending south as he was only 5 for 24 this week (.208), but that is baseball, you go through streaks. He does have an OBP of nearly .400, could be slightly higher given his high BA, but you will take it from your 2 hole hitter.

Lance Lynn (Cardinals)- Lynn was very impressive against the Cubs on Saturday going 5.1 innings allowing 4 hits and only 1 ER. He threw 88 pitches in those 5.1 innings and I'm sure they are keeping a strict eye on his pitch count. He has a 1.50 ERA with an impressive .75 WHIP this season. He is the #5 pitcher in the rotation so you would assume he is the odd man out of the rotation when Carpenter come back, cause lets be honest, Loshe, Westbrook, and Wainwright aren't going anywhere. Gracia has struggled this year so if Lynn can keep it up, he has a case for staying in the rotation. If you are a Cardinals fan, this is a good problem to have.

Chris Coghlan (Marlins)- Coghlan is splitting time out in the outfield for the Marlins and seems to still be in his sophomore slump from last year. After being the NL rookie of the year, last season and the start of this season haven't been so good. He is hitting just .150 this season with only 1 RBI. He went 3 for 15 this past week in limited playing time. Hopefully he gets through this and isn't back in the minors like last year.

Matt Maloney (Twins)- Maloney had a much better week this week than last week. Came in relief on Friday and Sunday against the Rangers and a perfect inning in each appearance. ERA has fallen down to 4.91. Holding the Rangers to no hits in 2 innings this weekend is pretty impressive to me, as the Rangers are my early favorites to win it all with the absurd amount of bats they have in their lineup.

Seth Smith (A's)- Seth Smith has made his way up to the #3 hole in the A's lineup. Smith is hitting .238 which is also his slugging percentage, which isn't good at all for your #3 hitter. Through 9 games he has 0 extra base hits. This past week he went 2 for 10 with 2 runs and no RBIs, another thing that needs to change if he is gonna stay at the #3 spot. Seth is too good of a hitter for his average to stay that low, I do expect him to turn it around pretty shortly.

Alex Pressley (Pirates)- This past week Alex went 5 for 22 (.227) with 2 runs scored. Hit batting average currently sits at .286 with an OBP of .306. He only has one walk and as a leadoff hitter, I'm sure the Pirates want to see the walks and OBP go up a little. Haven't seem him play on tv yet this year, but I am expecting a solid year out of Alex in his sophomore campaign.

Let me know what you think and if there is anything you'd like to see me add to my weekly posts.

Hotty Toddy.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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