Rebel Roundup - March 26, 2012

Ole Miss' Randy Kennedy says he has not talked with UAB | The Commercial Appeal
Who in the Hell is Randy Kennedy?

Ole Miss wins Alabama series with 8-4 victory | Kellenberger
It's nice to get an SEC win, but it's tough knowing that we weren't able to sweep what is clearly the worst team in the SEC West. Alabama's lone SEC win game against our Rebels this Saturday, when a two-run walk off home run (with two outs and two strikes, to boot), gave the Tide a 3-2 victory. Ole Miss was just one little pitch away from a series sweep, something that would have been huge for the upcoming weekend against the #1 Florida Gators.

Opening spring camp: Ole Miss | SEC Blog - ESPN
There's that link, from ESPN, this link, from the mothership (With a video included! Video! It's the future!), and then WVTNRebel's practice reports which can be found if you take that there mouse of yours and scroll down on this here website. It's insignificant Spring football, and our collective baseless optimism abounds, but that doesn't make the observation and discussion of it any less entertaining.

Rebels' Mosley shows versatility | The Clarion-Ledger
Hugh Freeze has said that Jamal Mosley has "an NFL body" and can be used in multiple different packages in his hurry up, no huddle offensive system. If Mosley can create a mismatch due to his size and physical abilities, I do think we can expect to seem him have the ball thrown his way. He's an athletic tight end with a lot of potential, and Freeze's system might just be the system needed to display that.

Mississippi State University Student, John Sanderson, Shot and Killed on Campus |
Maybe this isn't the most appropriate place to do so, but I do want to extend our deepest condolences for the family, friends, and fellow students of John Sanderson, a young man from Madison who was murdered in his dorm room at Mississippi State over the weekend. I know that we can all put our somewhat silly sports rivalry aside to express to our Bulldog brethren our sincerely heartfelt sympathies in such a difficult, trying time. A university campus is a place where people should feel safe in an open and accepting learning environment. I can't imagine the fright many students and faculty at Mississippi State must feel knowing that such a violent and heinous act was carried out in the vicinity of the very places they use to study, learn, and interact with other academically motivated people. I do fully hope that the police forces involved in this investigation are successful and swift with an arrest and conviction, as such an egregious transgression on an otherwise peaceful environment warrants decisive justice.

Again, we offer our condolences to the friends, family, and fellow students of John Sanderson.

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