A Summary

I realize that the novels I wrote over the past few days are longer than I had anticipated them, so here are the 10 key points from today's report to really sum up the weekend

1) This team is in phenomenal shape and won't lose some of those close late games because of lack of conditioning this year.

2) When they say this team is going to go fast, that is almost an understatement. Look for this team to be on the ball and ready to go within 20 seconds, which should be a change of pace the defense's in this conference will not be ready for.

3) You can set your watch to Freeze's practices. He writes out a schedule and follows it to the minute. Whether or not you are done fully with a drill, its time to go. No time to waste.

4) Freeze has a passion for this game and this school that you really can feel. You can tell he's where he wants to be when he's on that field in the red and blue and looking up at Vaught-Hemingway standing like a monolith over him.

5) With Nick Parker seemingly coming into his own and Jeff Scott looking stronger and shiftier than before, our running back corps could really sneak up on some people this year.

6) The quarterback competition seems to be tighter than many would have anticipated. Bo Wallace's understanding of the offense is equal to the passion Barry Brunetti is showing to be on the field. And maybe the honoring of Mikhail Miller's greyshirt scholarship wasn't such the risk we thought it was.

7) The separation of receivers into outside and slot receivers in practice should do wonders in getting them more involved in their specific assignments. Doing this will help to get guys we were wondering if they were worth the scholarship a year ago more involved in the offense and improve general production.

8) Wesley McGriff was not just brought in for his recruiting acumen. He is a fine defensive backs coach and we shouldn't see our guys out of position like we have seen over the past few years.

9) The front 7 defensively may be a bit thin and a bit young as of right now, but with time, we should see an aggressive defense who will do exactly what they say they will, "Relentlessly pursue the ball and knock the ever loving crap out of someone."

10) And finally, there is a passion and enthusiasm from everyone from the coaching staff, to the players, down to the fans who go out for practice. Its infectious and will be palpable in the stadium this year. There will be some growing pains obviously, and this year might take a little while to get settled in fully, but its gonna be fun, and should be for years to come.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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