Rebel Roundup - February 16, 2012

Ole Miss could bolster NCAA resume against Vandy | The Clarion-Ledger
Yet again, we've got a must win for a bubble team. I know, I know, we've faced those for two or three weeks straight, but with the middle of the SEC being as muddled as it is (and with Mississippi State losing to UGA and LSU, really), the Rebels actually have a shot to be as high as third in the SEC standings behind Kentucky and Florida after a Vandy win tonight.

Mississippi turns into hoops hotbed with Big Three chasing NCAA tourney bids |
So not only is Ole Miss fighting for an NCAA bid, but State's either in or on the bubble (probably bubblin' now after the LSU loss) and Southern Miss is likely to earn a tournament bid out of the CUSA. Never before have all of Mississippi's "big three" - really, "big two and a tagalong" - made the big dance.

Bianco chooses Wahl for opener | Hugh Kellenberger
Surprising exactly no one, Mike Bianco recently made Bobby Wahl's status as this club's Friday starter, for now, official. Senior R.J. Hively will pitch on Saturdays and Mike Mayers (not this guy) will on Sundays. We're putting a lot on a largely inexperienced pitching staff this year, but you work with what you've got in baseball. Best of luck to the Rebel rotation.

Baseball: UA picked to win SEC West by league coaches |
Florida, unsurprisingly, is picked to win the conference by the SEC's coaches. Arkansas, South Carolina, LSU, Georgia, and Vanderbilt also earned high praise. Ole Miss is picked to finish 4th in the division and earned the 8th most votes overall, slipping in just behind Alabama and Vanderbilt.

Some Housekeeping Notes
I'm going on vacation. I need it. I'll be in New Orleans starting tonight and through Monday for Mardi Gras parades and festivities. Yeah, you jelly. Anyway, Juco, Mexter, One Man, and others will keep you posted on the goings on of the Ole Miss basketball and baseball teams. I'll chip in when and where I can, but I'd rather not. I'd rather passively observe the games on my phone while washing king cake down my gullet with Abita Andygator. But that's just me. [Tweet at me if you're in the Crescent City and would like to, like, meet in real life and stuff. Who knows, I just may respond.]

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