Cuppers, Here's Your 2012 Rebel Baseball Line-up

Mike Bianco just wrapped up his pre-season press conference. Here's the line-up for 2012:

C: Will Allen

1B: Matt Snyder

2B: Alex Yarbrough

SS: Blake Newalu and Austin Anderson

3B: Preston Overbey

LF: Tanner Mathis and Zach Kirksey

CF: Austin Bousfield and Will Jamison

RF: Senquez Golson

Bianco said the OF will be somewhat of a platoon with Golson most likely not getting a start on Opening Day on Friday.

Go through the jump portal for the weekend rotation and more notes.


Weekend rotation (followed with paraphrased from Bianco):

Friday: Bobby Wahl

Bobby is kind of the total package. His FB is super electric throwing in the mid-90's but has very good command.

Saturday: RJ HIvely

Hively had a terrific fall. Best of all the pitchers. Difference is his fastball command. Made some adjustments and attacks zone.

Sunday: Mike Mayers

Mayers, his stuff resembles Wahl. Good fastball that has gone up a few MPH. 90-94. Picked up slider.

Brett Huber will close for the Rebels. Bianco said expect to see early work from the bullpen from Josh Laxer, Dylan Chavez and Sam Smith among "several others."

One of the more comforting things I heard from this press conference was that Bianco feels like this team is not that young. When you look at the roster, more than a few names should stand out. Our weekend rotation are all guys who have at least had appearances in SEC play. All is not doom and gloom.

Also, the press conference focused on the most important thing to any SEC fan: SPEED. OF Tanner Mathis said nearly every outfielder can run a 6.8 60-yard dash, which Bianco said is akin to a 4.5 40-yard dash. This move to a more athletic player was due to the change from aluminum, trampoline-esque style bats to the new, more dead, BBCOR bats.

And, of course, there was some chatter on Senquez Golson. He continues to make the transition from football to baseball. He's putting in his time like everyone else and doing a good job, according to Bianco. Don't forget, he's making the jump from high school to college in a different sport than he's been focused on the past several months, so it just is going to take time for him to grow and get better. At least that's what the coaches are preaching.

Just a few more days until the Rebels are in Fort Worth and baseball season begins. What are your thoughts before we get things started?

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