We're Better Than This. Let's Keep It That Way.

[ED: Frontpag'd. Definitely worth a read and definitely something to think about.]

I don't like to post a lot of negative stuff here on the Cup. I always feel that people (read: other fans) look at negative comments on our blogs, message boards, and the like as fodder to point at how we bicker amongst each other and have such a "fractured fanbase". While I understand the reasons for some negativity around this program right now, I make a personal point of trying not to put too many negative comments, fanshots, or posts for all of the college sports world to see. If I get that mad, I usually sit down, make a drink, and find some other way to vent. Other people seem to vent in a different way.

That being said, I will not link the video that inspired me to write this fanpost. I would rather the assholes that made it not get any more views than they already have. I will, however, describe it and give you the information you need to find it if you would like to see it for yourself.

The YouTube video I'm referring to is an eight-minute-and-twenty-nine-second assault on Ole Miss' past and present. It begins by showing scenes from a 1963 Ole Miss game, complete with Confederate flags, band members dressed as Confederate soldiers, and former Governor Ross Barnett speaking to Ole Miss fans the day before he opposed James Meredith's entrance to the University of Mississippi. The video then segues into the James Meredith Riots, Confederate flags in Ole Miss' more recent history, racial slurs by a guy who appears to be an Ole Miss fan, and mascot/chant issues. Obviously, you can see what the intent of the video is. It is propaganda, and it is bullshit.

As I wrote in the title, we're better than this. We know it, the people who made that video know it, and rational outsiders know it. I know that most State fans are better than this also. This rant is not intended as a retaliation to that video; it is intended as a request that no one, Ole Miss or State fan, condone something like this that does nothing but make a significant population of the state that each fan base declares to have so much pride in look like a bunch of racist rednecks. We, as rational fans, know that to stoop to this level is to acknowledge that those of lesser intelligence have a point to be made. They don't. The people who made that video are ignorant and sad individuals with nothing in life in their present or future that holds any promise whatsoever. They are troglodytes.

For the record, I thought that the "Pastor Dan Mullen" video was all in good humor. I believe the rumors that Coach Freeze said Dan Mullen was an Atheist (which are mentioned in the described video) are false. Dan Mullen is not an Atheist, and even if he was that wouldn't make him a bad person. Being an asshole makes you a bad person, which may be the case, but I hate to see religion flung about between the fanbases like we're chimps with clumps of dung in our hands. Again, we're better than this.

The title of the aforementioned video is "Ole Miss - Tradition". These are the types of stereotypes that are continuously fought against by seemingly every Mississippian when they venture outside of the state's lines. Ole Miss and the state it resides in has a turbulent and controversial past, there's obviously no dancing around that. However, regardless of arguments about flags, songs, mascots, etc., I believe Ole Miss also has a great past and an even greater future.

I have faith, possibly to a fault, in Mississippi, Ole Miss, and its fans, and I honestly believe that our greatest enemy is ourselves. We don't need to direct ridiculous tweets toward student athletes, make a bunch of YouTube videos, or publicly masturbate in the form of billboards by declaring that people have entered a state we proclaim to be "ours". We can't control what other people say or do, but we can control what we allow our perception to be. We are at a critical juncture that dictates we take the high road (False sense of elitism: Check). People that get tired of taking the high road make stupid decisions, and we should continue to leave that to the professionals, like those that made this video.

This post probably contains punctuation issues, run-on sentences, and spelling errors aplenty. I don't pretend to have the blogging eloquence, intelligence, or wittiness of Ghost, Juco, Mexter, or Ivory Tower, but I do think that I can make a point when I feel it is needed. I hope it is well received. If you don't feel that I've used enough vitriol towards the comrades that created that video and the persons responsible for its inspiration, I'll leave you with a quote from a well known friend of the Cup that writes much better than myself and just about everyone else around SB Nation:

"What happens on the field between Ole Miss and State is likely destined to be nothing more substantial than tit for tat among inmates fighting for the bottom bunk. I've got no delusions about that, but if the maroon among you wants an admission, I absolutely believe in my heart and soul that Oxford is better than Starkville, better than State and better than whatever neurotic, petty jort sporting idiot on hold for talk radio thinks about those damn dirty Rebels. And if that happens to describe someone like you, then yes, we're better than you in fair Lafayette County."

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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