Ole Miss vs Lipscomb: Four Factors

Here's a look at how the Rebels match up with the Lipscomb Bison (2-1) using the Four Factors. (National Rank in parentheses)

Ole Miss O Lipscomb D Lipscomb O Ole Miss D
eFG% 51.3% (88) 48.3% (178) 50.0% (115) 38.1% (12)
TO% 17.0% (44) 18.4% (265) 32.8% (346) 27.3% (15)
OR% 45.2% (8) 27.4% (69) 38.6% (60) 35.6% (249)
FTR 38.1 (143) 39.5 (213) 37.1 (163)

29.5 (82)

As the Rebels last tune up before a national television showcase next Saturday against Rutgers, it's imperative to work out some kinks in this game. Though Lipscomb does some things well, this is another game where the Rebels should have little to no problems emerging victorious. Lipscomb is 2-1, but one victory was over something called Maryville (MO). Belmont beat them at home by 29. The only question will be how the Rebels will look doing it.

One major area of concern is obviously the defensive rebounding. The Rebels crash the offensive boards with the best of them, ranking 8th in the country in OR%. But defensively, rebounding has been a struggle in every game this year. The Rebels rank 249th in the country in defensive rebounding, corralling only 64.4% of opponents' missed shots. The Bison rebound well offensively - 38.6% OR% - so that has the potential to be a thorn in the Rebels' side today.

The question will be how many shots the Bison get off today. There are 346 Division I-A schools playing basketball and only 1 has turned the ball over at a higher rate than the Bison, who basically give it up once every 3 possessions. The Rebels force turnovers on 27.3% of possessions (15th in the country) so that should be a nightmare for the Bison ballhandlers. They turned it over 24 times against Belmont and 22 times in a narrow victory over Gardner-Webb.The Bison do shoot the ball well when they don't turn it over though.

Also of utmost importance today is to develop some sort of offensive rhythm when Jarvis Summers goes to the bench for a breather. Derek Millinghaus is out for several more weeks and the offense sputtered badly when Summers went out against McNeese State on Tuesday. Once we hit the meat of the non-conference schedule starting next week, long offensive droughts will be the difference between wins and losses.


Ole Miss 87 Lipscomb 57

Lipscomb will have 25+ turnovers

Marshall Henderson will struggle again today (before locking against Rutgers next Saturday)

Reggie Bucker has 5+ blocks

Murphy Holloway finishes with 14 points and 14 rebounds

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