Rebel Expectations


The Rebels have been one of the better teams in the SEC the past 5 years. But without Drew Pomeranz who is pitching for the Colorado Rockies the Rebels will need to step there game up. Even though last year the Rebels played without Pomeranz the Rebels still have not gotten over the star. The Rebels have one of the best up and coming pitchers in the SEC and one of the better in the NCAA. His name? Bobby Wahl. Wahl is a right handed pitcher from Springfield, Virginia. The Rebels are not expected to make that big of a splash in the SEC but if the Rebs can start the season out with a sweep of TCU and then try to win 11 out of 12 games during the 12 game home stretch then sweep at least win one of the two games against Louisville then the Rebels might be able to get out of the SEC with a better than .500 record.

Basketball (last half of the season):

So far the Rebels basketball season has been up and down. The Rebels started out this season 10-1 but then the Rebels lost 3 in a row. The Rebels broke the slump with a 2 point victory against SMU. Then the Rebs lost to LSU then beat Arkansas then lost a nail biter against the Auburn Tigers in 2OT. The Rebels have tried to replace Chris Warren with Dundrecous Nelson. But after Nelson was arrested for possession of illegal drugs the Rebels dismissed Nelson. Murphy Holloway has saved this season for the Rebels. The Rebels still have a chance to do something in the SEC but the Rebels are going to have to learn to score some more. The coach of the Rebels Andy Kennedy spoke one that matter after the lose to the Auburn Tigers Saturday “I’m not sure it’s how we want to play, but it’s who we are, it’s who this team is.”


The Rebels hockey team is probably the best sports team for the Rebels (not a lot to proud of). The Rebels hockey team is 13-7 this year. I personally saw the Rebels defeat Mississippi State Bulldogs 9-2 when they played in Tupelo, Mississippi (which included a bench clearing brawl by the way).The Rebels are looking like a team that could finish .500 in the SEC but could make some noise in the playoffs, if they make it.


The Rebels football teams was the worst team in the SEC last season. The Rebs finished the season 2-10. The Rebels fired there head coach Houston Nutt in the off-season and the Rebels Athletic Director Pete Boone decided that he would step down from his position. The Rebels have since signed Hugh Freeze from Arkansas State as there Head Coach. The Rebels have had a decent recruiting class this year also. The Rebels have received commitments from Aberdeen’s Channing Ward, Murfreesboro, Tennessee’s I’Tavius Mathers, and Batesville’s Issac Gross. The Rebels are not expected to do much this year in the SEC but I think they might won 4 games this year if there lucky.

Run DMC Run


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