Rebel Roundup - September 19, 2011

The Forward Rebels advertisement in todays Clarion Ledger.

And So It Begins
Get out the torches and checkbooks, because some changes are going to go down in Oxford, and it seems that such may happen regardless of how the athletics administration may feel about them. I know the cell phone picture quality isn't great, but what matters is the text of this (-->), a full-page ad taken out by the Forward Rebels campaign in both the Clarion Ledger and Commercial Appeal. The text reads:

Are you tired of losing, Ole Miss fans?

A cloud hangs over us. We're told we'll never compete in the SEC. That we lack the talent, the fan support and the the funding.

We respectfully disagree.

We believe that Ole Miss can compete in the SEC and win championships. We believe that our coaches are not the problem. Nor our athletes or our fans.

The Ole Miss administration is the problem. Our leadership has failed us. And our leadership must be held accountable. Our coaches and athletes deserve it. Ole Miss supporters deserve it. We've waited long enough. We're tired of losing.

It's time for a change.

Bizarre syntax and questionable use of punctuation aside, how do you feel about this? Is this the right way to go about voicing our displeasure with the state of Ole Miss athletics?

Ole Miss Fan Group Takes to the Papers | Veazey
There's some decent buzz being generated by this ad in both the main stream media as well as the same of the social variety. Don't be surprised if the college football blogosphere takes this and runs with it this morning.

Ole Miss vs. Georgia Preview | Clarion Ledger
Let's see how many people, over the course of a week, can reference both Ole Miss and Georgia's ongoing identity crises and coaching woes. I'm going to set the over/under on people who dub this game the "Coaches Hotseat Bowl," or something of that variety, at four. Any takers?

Vanderbilt Surprises Ole Miss with Trick Plays | The Tennesseean
The Vanderbilt Commodores, already up by several scores, ran a damned Statue of Liberty play against our Rebel defense for a significant gain. They were, for shiggles, scraping the bottom of the playcalling barrell because "hey, we might not get to bust this one out again all season." How embarrassing is that?

Nutt's Job Security Not Helped by Vandy Loss | The Washington Post
But you knew that already, Cup readers!  

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