Pick 'Em Week Two Winner and Week Three Picks are Ready!

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FTC disclosure: This contest is sponsored by Gameday Depot and SB Nation.

Congratulations to "bolon" for finishing first in this week's Red Cup Rebellion Pick 'Em and winning a $10 gift certificate from Gameday Depot. Bolon swept his selections and, as the only player to do so, wins the prize automatically. Whoever you are, you sly dog, be sure to be on the lookout for a confirmation email with instructions on how to claim your prize. You can choose one that can be used for officially licensed NCAA apparel and merchandise or one that can be used for custom t-shirts you create yourself.

No worries for the rest of you, as we'll be giving away another $10 gift certificate this week (and every week after that - we make it rain). Don't forget to make your picks before the deadline, and remember, a $50 gift certificate is on the line for whoever wins the entire season, so keep playing each week.

The top ten and bottom ten finishers after week one, as well as the ten games from which you'll be picking this week, can be found after the jump.

This was a close week, with a lot of y'all falling one game short of Bolon's 10-0 selection.

W-L Pts
1 -  bolon's picks 10-0 55
2 -  DinkyBalls 9-1 53
2 -  rgmclell's picks 9-1 53
2 -  ElectricDreamMachine's picks 9-1 53
2 -  allicolls's picks 9-1 53
6 -  ProphetMB30's picks 9-1 52
6 -  RebelSpy's picks 9-1 52
6 -  gregearnest 9-1 52
6 -  victorydrive II: fresh ownage 9-1 52
10-  The People's Picks 9-1 51

The bottom ten for this week include last week's winner, From the Editor of the Sports Desk.

134 TheDeuceIsLoose's picks 6-4 34
134 Ivory Tower 6-4 34
134 Los Pollos Hermanos 5-5 34
137 Need NO more cowbell 5-5 31
138 From The Desk of the Sports Editor 5-5 29
139 Broken Rebel 6-4 28
139 smbierman's picks 7-3 28
141 fuzzyhuddleston's picks 5-5 26
141 gladco's picks 6-4 26
143 WhoDatReb 5-5 21

No prizes are in store for y'all. Sorry.

One final note before moving into this week's picks: in a three-way tie for the season-ending prize are SoylentGreenisSheeple, OSU1, and Winning. This is, of course, likely to change a lot because there are, what, thirteen or fourteen more weeks of this to go?

Congrats to everyone so far. Here are the games you're picking from this week.


  • Auburn at Clemson
  • LSU at Mississippi State (Thursday)
  • Duke at Boston College
  • Michigan State at Notre Dame
  • Ohio State at Miami
  • Oklahoma at Florida State
  • Stanford at Arizona
  • Tennessee at Florida
  • West Virginia at Maryland
  • Ole Miss at Vanderbilt (HATE)
Good luck, y'all.

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