Guide For to Enjoy People's University Football Match


Greetings Cowmrade!  With the swift approach of football, necessary it has become to issue such a primer as this one to the loyalists of People's University Bulldog Football Squad.  Our adversaries in the north steadily have dispensed information about day of game experiences, and it makes logic to same do for our supportists.  Read and imbibe information, friend of Starkville, after accosting Jump with your mice!

1. Become Aware of Our Pride-Making Noise!

To remind opposite fanbases and squads of our status as The True University of the Proletariat, we must to ring cattle implements at all times.  The rattling of these farmland utensils shall stir pride in all our fanbases and perhaps sway the thoughts of our enemies to be more in kind to our philosophy.  The bourgeois capitalists at the Conference of the Southeastern Land have issued many stern and unkind lectures to us on such a topic as this, but do not let this convince your mind to not rattle at all available opportunities.

2. Arrive for Gating of Tail!

Newsmedia in State of Florida diminished our Beloved University and City in recent periodical.  Injustice of this like must not be permitted.  At Junction, bring dry smoked flesh of pig from Minute Dooey's Restaurant.  Imbibe fermented liquid substances.  Allow our enemies to marvel at wondrous nature of our party-making.

3. Support Our Glorious Commisar Dan Mullen!

Once an in error member of before mentioned State of Florida Capitalist Gator Regime, our magnanimous Commisar is now as one of us.  He, like natural born member of Proletariat, takes displeasure at University of the Northland.  He acknowledge makes that recruit finding of essence is activity for State of Mississippi alone.  Under fire he has become at hand of our enemies, who label him a gauger of toilet levels (though he has never lowered his personage to in public fashion admit such as being full).  Defend his glorious name to those who make attempt at harm bringing.

We are of full hope that this instruction set will progress your information of State of Mississippi Bulldog Football Tradition.  In manner of closing, as approaching our Motherland, not to shy away from shedding of tears when passing boards of bill remind you that the possession of this State - Our State - is fully and eternalike in the hands of The People.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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