Rebel Roundup - August 1, 2011

Bolden hopes to help Ole Miss to better year |
Something which some of us might not realize about Brandon Bolden is that he is currently tied with Deuce McAllister for the most Rebel touchdowns in a season (seventeen) and needs only fourteen this season to break Deuce's all-time touchdown record.

SEC bounce-back players: Ole Miss | SEC Blog - ESPN
Chris Low mentions Melvin Harris and Kentrell Lockett as his picks for Ole Miss' "bounce-back" players in 2011.

Bruins TE Ray commits to Ole Miss | The Columbia Daily Tribune
We made mention of this last week, but check out this article on Austin Ray, the 6'6", 237-pound tight end who is the Rebels' most recent 2012 commitment. Ray's a true pro-set type of tight end, who can block and receive well in the red zone, meaning that he fits in well with offensive coordinator David Lee's scheme. If you're one to watch NFL ball, you'll remember that the Dolphins used tight ends a good bit over the past two seasons, a lot of which has to do with Lee's coaching.

Divided we cheer: It's a Tiger Town, but SEC makes Memphis a melting pot | The Commercial Appeal
I really do like demography, and if you're one to enjoy it as well, check out this piece in the Commercial Appeal. Memphis, being situated along the border of three SEC states and within easy driving distance of a couple of others (as well as being a six hour drive from the largest in-state school), is certainly not a city which can pledge its loyalty to one college sports team. While the Memphis Tigers have a slight edge on the SEC schools in terms of in-town alumni, there are sizeable Tennessee and Ole Miss fan bases against which the Tigers compete for fan support and dollars. Arkansas, Mississippi State, and Alabama also all of significantly sized fan bases in and around Shelby County, Tennessee.

Ole Miss Tickets Selling Well | MyFoxMemphis
This surprised me. According to Pete Boone (LIAR CHEAT THIEF TRADITION HATING SCUMBAG /nerguson'd), football's season tickets are being sold at a pace faster than they were last season. I do imagine that a much more exciting home slate has a lot to do with this, but it's still exciting to think that, after a 4-8 season, Ole Miss fans and their notorious fairweather stance on athletics are still supporting the program.

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