Rebel Roundup - May 16, 2011

Wright helps Ole Miss end MSU's streaks | The Dispatch
The Rebels may have taken Saturday's game in a convincing fashion, but Ole Miss still, in such a perfectly predictable Rebel fashion, managed to lose Thursday and Friday's games against the rival Mississippi State bulldogs a week after taking the series against one of the most talented baseball squads in the nation. The "losing to a Mississippi State team that's just as middling and inconsistent as we are" meme has become more trite than a broken record, and it becomes more disheartening when, as was the case with this past weekend, the Rebels do more to lose than the Bulldogs do to win.

Arkansas looks to home series with Ole Miss to lift SEC record |
The Rebels must win the series against Arkansas in Fayetteville this weekend if we're going to earn a spot in the SEC Baseball Tournament for the tenth consecutive season. I've got my fingers crossed, but I'm not at all optimistic that we'll make it.

Pair of SEC titles for Ole Miss in track | Veazey
Here's something to give a bit of a boost to your wearied Rebel spirit: Ricky Robertson won his fourth straight SEC high jump title this past weekend while Lee Ellis Moore won the SEC's 400-meter hurdles title.

Wait. We've got two guys who are lightning fast and possess phenomenal leaping ability enrolled at Ole Miss and they're NOT playing wideout? Who let that one get by?

Ole Miss spring wrap | SEC Blog - ESPN
During the spring and summer months which make up the college football offseason, unbridled optimism or soul crushing pessimism are the two most viciously competing schools of thought related to the future of Rebel football. After reading Edward Aschoff's spring wrap over at ESPN, one can find a legitimate case for both. On the one hand, we return a veteran offensive line which allowed for rising senior Brandon Bolden to rush for 976 yards, whereas on the other hand we return five starters from what was the worst defense in perhaps the history of Ole Miss football. Those concerns, coupled with an arguably tougher schedule, make any sort of prediction about this team's prospects an untenable one at best.

Two Ole Miss players arrested for public intox |
In a blatant act of not-givin-a-damn-ery, defensive end Delvin Jones and linebacker Clarence Jackson were arrested this past Friday for public intoxication. Draconian Oxonian boozin' laws aside, Jackson and Jones should know better than to get swerved about town after having already suffering a suspension apiece this past season. Jackson, if you'll recall, tried to steal a TV from Hume Hall in an act of brazen idiocy, whereas Jones was suspended towards the end of this past season for allegedly setting furniture on fire.

I, perhaps for one, don't give much of a hoot about this most recent incident and don't think they'll suffer much over it, aside from some lungbusting "voluntary" workouts. Public intoxication, especially in Oxford, Mississippi, is hardly a damnable offense and, much more importantly, these guys are good at football and are pretty close to untouchable over a minor offense.

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