Scrimmage notes from 4/9

Strolled in fashionably late as usual so I missed the first 30 or so minutes of practice......but here's some notes taken as they happened...


Mackey and En'ricky Davis were working with the 1's primarily.

Davis broke a few tackles in route to a 55 yd TD. Looked great.

Charles Sawyer made on amazing pass break up on a fly route. Was burned momentarily but hawked down the WR and made an amazing play.

Mackey is throwing some great deep balls.

WR's having tough as hell time catching the ball with Sawyer playing tight coverage.

Devin Thomas runs hard. Made a few hard nose gains.

Bolden came up limping after a goal line play. Looked like ankle. He went with a trainer to the locker rooms and never returned as far as I saw....

Nick Parker looking extremely timid hitting the line. With his monster size, he needs to be hitting that line with a head full of steam.

E. Davis showing his experience vs Parker. Davis hits the line hard, leaning forward, and driving his legs. Parker stops just short of the line and starts looking for something to open up. Parker has the body of an amazing back.....just needs to give himself more confidence.

Davis just absolutely destroyed Pendleton in the secondary for another long TD. He's finally looking like he is supposed to. It looks as if we're trying to make him a short yardage back......but the problem is that he keeps driving hard and breaking tackles for big gains.

Terrell Grant just made a great catch with Sawyer on his back on a slant route. Took a lot of concentration to bring that one in.

Vincent Sanders just came down with a 30 yard jump pass in triple coverage. Broke two tackles and took it another 20 yards for a score. Thats the kind of playmaker we need in the WR corp..

Parker is getting a lot of reps.......but I think that's because the coaches are trying to get him more aggressive. Looks decent pass blocking.

Stanley has dropped/been stripped 3 balls in less than 10 minutes under pressure. he just doesn't look comfortable at all.

Mackey is THE number 1 QB IMHO.......but Brunetti is looking pretty damned good though as well. Mackey is obviously more mobile but I'm really impressed by Brunetti's size and mobility. I think we're in very good shape with either of these two QB's.

From what I saw today.....I'd pick Evan Ingram over Nathan Stanley. Stanley just needs to go ahead and transfer out for his own good.

Mackey just fumbled a read-option play....heard him scream "shit" louder than I've ever heard anyone scream it. I'm calling BS on any speech problems talked about from here on out.

Stoudt looked like he had happy feet at times in the pocket. Just looked scared......but with DT and Marry blitzing....i would too.....but he shouldn't.

ja-mez Logan is making some great catches. I'd say he's making a valiant push for Number 1 WR.

DT Shackleford is chewing ass right now to some people on Defense. He'll be All-SEC this year IMHO.

Didn't expect this.....but during a goal line play....the entire defensive sidelines started chanting DE-FENSE and then started yelling right before the snap...........The defense stopped the "Very Heavy Set" running behind Big Terrell Brown.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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