Ole Miss Rebel Baseball: Amateur Sabremetrics 3

After my initial Amateur Sabremetrics post, I looked a little closer on how the new bats were effecting the season so far in my second sabremetrics post.  (I spell it Sabremetrics, have to do it my way!)

I mentioned in that post that I was still feeling my way around the offensive side, as far as what I wanted to do.  I was able to work out a few things though.  I'll go through them here then post the values as an image as I have done previously.  (And again if there is any stat that you'd like to see...)

I'm including the 'slash' stats for comparison - Average, On-base percentage, and Slugging (percentage).  Also including On-base plus Slugging (multiplied by a 1000 cause I like how that looks better).  One useful stat, I think, is OPS+ which normalizes OPS for the era and league as well as for park factors.  I've used both the SEC for 2011 and for 2002 - 2011 to date.  I don't have any data for park factors, and feel that's a little much, right now.  So the OPS+ is presented twice, and the reason for having just the '11 is detailed in my previous post on the new bats.

Runs Created is a Bill James invention.  I've used the 'technical' version of the formula, without intentional walks.  It looks like I'll have to do some tweaking on it, as it was less than 95% for the SEC stats for 2002 - 2011.  RC returns 101.6% of the Ole Miss runs to date.  I also gave that as a percentage of the total, to see who was accounting for offensive production.  

BABIP is the last one I've included today.  It was brought up in the comments of my first thread, and is included in both pitching and batting that I've done.  It's more useful as a pitching stat, but it does show some flukes as a hitter - though how much is hard for me to say.

On the pitching side, I'll present most of it without comment, but refer to the original post.  Again, due to the bats, I've presented two values for ERA+ because of the new bats being used this year.  Adjusted ERA (ERA+) puts a pitcher's ERA into context of the league and park.  As I don't have park factors, I've just used the SEC for 2002-2011 and for 2011 by itself.  I've lumped hit by pitches (HBP) in with BB where applicable.

I've just include DICE, and as with RC above, I do believe it needs some tweaking to come into line.  

* Since Morgan has a 0.00 ERA, he is infinitely above the rest of the SEC.  

**Hively has not walked anyone to date (or had any hbp).

I also did Game Scores for the weekend starters.


Crouse has seemed to hit his stride starting with the Lipscomb game, and has pitched well into SEC play.  Hoping it continues tonight in Baton Rouge.


Last, and most likely least, I did play around with a Brand New Sabremetric Stat!  I'd like to call it VOBF; Value Over Bianco Favourite.  The F is Effin' silent.  

Our leading contender this year is Jordan King, who weighs in with a whopping 506 OPS and a 26 OPS+.  

Our leader is the erstwhile Alex Yarbrough who weighs in at a fantastic 5.1 VOBF!!!!


True, HIghtower is 6.4 VOBFs but has had limited plate appearances.  I haven't as yet determined the historical context such as former VOBF equivalent David Phillips.  (This is a joke)

Comments, criticism, suggestions, and most certainly praise are all welcomed in the comments.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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