Rebel Roundup - 12/20/2011: JUCO Edition

Ghost is Away or Something

That means today's Rebel Roundup is brought to you by yours truly. Don't tell him how much you like this more than his Rebel Roundups. He'll cry.

Chancellor Emeritus Robert Khayat Hospitalized | Hattiesburg American

We'll start off on a somewhat somber but at the same time optimistic story. I realize we're a little late to the party on this one. Sorry. We didn't want to report on gossip and hearsay. Let's hope Dr. Khayat is alright. He's a good man who did a lot of good for our university EXCEPT WHEN HE TURNED US INTO GENERIC STATE!.

Rebels' Freeze plays catch-up on recruiting | Clarion Ledger

Apparently they've been going all over the place. It seems like every day they're either in the home of a top prospect or trying to convince early signees to take an official visit to Ole Miss. I really love the way the staff is going about this recruiting year. It may not turn out that well (since they have little to no relationship with most prospects), but we're trying. Word is that things are going well with Channing Ward, Jeremy Liggins, and Richie Brown. That's certainly a good start. We'll need to get a lot more than that to call the class a success though.

Another point of interest in this column is the fact that Bobby Massie and AJ Hawkins are testing the NFL draft waters. I'm not going to fault the guys for finding out what they need to improve for next year, but.... really? After the year our offensive line had two of the players from it are looking into early entry in the NFL draft? Where was the NFL-level contribution?

Forward Together Gets Lift From Freeze, Hits $45 Million |

I think a telling stat would be the amount Forward Together had raised before Freeze was hired two weeks ago compared to how much they've raised since. It seems like I remember Forward Together trucking along pretty well there for a while. How much boost did they receive from the Freeze hire? Does anyone actually know? Is anyone even reading this?

Freeze to call plays in 2012 | Clarion Ledger

It's interesting that Freeze says he'll make the "final" call. He says play-calling will be a collaborative effort but then says he'll only hire an offensive coordinator if the right person is available. Sounds to me like he'll be calling the plays almost exclusively. That or we'll have wacky, wacky assistant coach titles (Passing Game Coordinator | Run Game Coordinator). The training table mention at the end of this article is interesting. Certainly that's something we need. I've heard Houston Nutt was against it for whatever reason. I'm not. Make them eat the foods that will help them the most to win football games. That or bacon. No one should ever be denied bacon.

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