Some Holiday Housekeeping

We know you're all addicted to the internet, looking for updates in Ole Miss' ongoing coaching search (Here's an update: we could hear something as early as tomorrow and as late as, oh, January. Will that do?), and like to tell jokes and post silly pictures in our comments threads with the hopes that enough of us deem them rec worthy. In fully knowing this, I feel that I have a bit of a responsibility to keep you and yours fully abreast and entertained and fully admit that I have done a poor job of fulfilling my obligations.

But I don't feel all that bad about it. It's Thanksgiving, y'all, and I've been spending the week not working, eating, drinking, and sleeping. I will spend today doing more of the same, with the notable addition of watching football. But, before all of that goes down, and while I sit here on my computer, begrudgingly watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on my mother's couch, I'm going to take care of the things we normally knock out on the Mondays and Tuesdays of football weeks. 

First, the Blog Poll ballot!


The losers fell, the winners jumped up, and USC snuck in at 25 even though they're realistically much better than that. It's just tough for me to rank anybody not eligible for their conference title.

I didn't file a SEC Power Poll Ballot. Whoops. If I had, though, it would have been LSU, Bama, Arkansas, everybody else, then Ole Miss. That should shock nobody.

The Pick 'Em for this past week was won by Fuzzy Huddleston. Congrats, Fuzz. Expect an email from us soon with instructions on how to claim your weekly prize. The top ten this week is:

Rank Selection
W-L Pts Tie
1 fuzzyhuddleston's picks
6-4 35 21-39  
2 D_Hawk
4-6 30 30-17  
3 dymongoose's poor decision of the week
6-4 29 36-32  
3 WrigleyvilleReb
5-5 29 38-21  
5 ChickenDinner
4-6 28 35-28  
6 jalakin's picks
4-6 27 24-21  
6 krcamer1's picks
6-4 27 27-17  
8 greghardys_workethic's picks
3-7 26 31-17  
8 Belle96's picks
5-5 26 35-12  
8 georgehr3's picks
6-4 26 34-31  
8 tizzownes's picks
6-4 26 20-33  
8 Hunter C.'s picks
4-6 26 24-28  

This was definitely a tough week if the winning selection was a 6-4 selection.

The bottom ten for the week are (complete with ties):

136 Stew Patridge's picks
2-8 13 28-14  
136 Six4Delta's picks
2-8 13 14-28  
136 TNreb
3-7 13 21-24  
136 DuNing
4-6 13 24-28  
136 FlimFlam
3-7 13 31-34  
136 omrebels's picks
2-8 13 31-35  
142 Lady In Red
3-7 12 21-14  

144 jmr248's picks
3-7 11 17-31  
144 ExiledReb's picks
2-8 11 21-24  
146 Thile's picks
2-8 10 23-35  
146 duker's picks
2-8 10 24-27  
146 rebsrule's picks
2-8 10 27-28  
149 monreb
2-8 9 17-33  

The top ten on the year are:

Rank Selection W-L Pts Tie
1 Okrareb 85-35 502  
2 rgmclell's picks 84-36 494  
3 TNreb 83-37 491  
4 astaylo1's picks 84-36 489  
4 jmr248's picks 84-36 489  
6 DuNing 82-38 483  
7 Reb-N-Philly's picks 80-40 480  
8 Punch Babies, Get Money. 80-40 479  
9 domereb's picks 77-43 478  
9 DinkyBalls 78-42 478  

Congrats Okrareb for taking the lead.

Your picks for this week are as follows:


  • Arkansas vs. LSU
  • Georgia vs. Georgia Tech
  • Ohio State vs. Michigan
  • Penn State vs. Wisconsin
  • Vanderbilt vs. Wake Forest
  • VA Tech vs. UVA
  • The Egg Bowl
  • Texas Tech vs. Baylor
  • Clemson vs. South Carolina
  • Notre Dame vs. Stanford
Happy pickin', y'all.

Oh, and, uh, yeah, there's no podcast this week. Deal with it.
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