Rebel Roundup - October 25, 2011

I Enjoyed the Weekend
Despite the Rebel football loss, something which the lot of us seemed to treat as a foregone conclusion anyway, I had an absolute blast this past weekend. I drank on the roof of 208, ate at Big Bad Breakfast (twice), met and enjoyed the company of those of you who made it by Red Tent Rebellion, caught up with some old friends, and took in the beautiful weather usually afforded to the Magnolia State during a Saturday in October. Loss aside, I couldn't have asked for a better personal homecoming trip.

Ole Miss upset bid falls short against No. 10 Arkansas | The Daily Mississippian
The Rebels looked like a competent SEC team during the first half, with a good offensive output working alongside a solid defensive effort to give the Rebs a 10-point lead headed into the half. The youth, inexperience, and coaching issues which have plagued the Rebels for the past two seasons, though, managed to wiggle their way into the second half, dooming the Rebels to an inconceivable tenth consecutive SEC loss.

Talented freshmen give Mississippi hope in the midst of a rough season | EotC Emeritus, David Brandt
Full disclosure: David Brandt stopped by Red Tent Rebellion (the gall, right?) on Saturday, and we fully enjoyed his company. He still hates Ole Miss, though, and I know this because I read it in the Clarion-Ledger's comments threads.

In this AP sports story penned by Brandt, he examines the brightly shining silver lining from Saturday's loss: the talented youth on the Rebel squad.

Depth issues haunt some in SEC | College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
This blog post focuses on the difficulties experienced this season by our Rebels, as well as Tennessee and Florida, regarding depth issues and inexperience.

Auburn's defense is looking for chance to redeem itself against Ole Miss |
Auburn's defense surrendered 393 yards and 38 points to LSU this past weekend. It wasn't pretty. This may give some of us Rebels a glimmer of hope going into this weekend, but part of me believes that it's not that Auburn is that easy to expose. Rather, it's that LSU is just that damned good.

Previewing The 2011-2012 Kentucky Wildcats: Part 2 | A Sea Of Blue
SB Nation's resident Kentucky blog looks at (you guessed it) basketball season by breaking their scheduled opponents into four distinct categories: the Peasants, the Kinghts, the Nobles, and the Royalty. The Rebels are Knights which, per Kentucky fans, means we can look down our noses at the peasantry that is Tennessee, South Carolina, Auburn, and LSU. Take that, you poors.

A Glass Half Empty. | McSweeny's
Mary Marge Locker, the gal who penned the "It's All Greek to Me" column which was received largely positively by we at the Cup, has written a follow-up column entitled "A Glass Half Empty." This one details her experiences during the "water parties" of sorority rush which, after reading the column, sound like the stupidest and most boring wastes of time any first year student can endure.

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