Pick 'Em Results for Week Seven and Picks for Week Eight

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FTC disclosure: This contest is sponsored by Gameday Depot and SB Nation.

It's pretty hard to believe that we are now eight weeks in to the college football season. The standings are close as the race for the bragging rights (as well as $50 of swag) that come with being the Red Cup Pick 'Em champion has made it over the hill. For week seven, congratulations are in order to Six4Delta for winning the $10 gift certificate from Gameday Depot. Be on the lookout for a confirmation email with instructions on how to claim your prize. I just sent it like two hours ago so if you don't have it, drop a comment below. Thanks.

There's another $10 gift certificate up for grabs this week and a $50 gift certificate for the entire season, so keep playing.

This week's top ten and the season top ten are below the jump. You can view the full standings at Fun Office Pools.

Rank Selection
W-L Pts Tie
1 Six4Delta's picks
10-0 55 17-42 (*)
1 Okrareb
10-0 55 21-48  
1 rgmclell's picks
10-0 55 24-32  
1 Hova's picks
10-0 55  
5 Kirby's Picks
9-1 54 21-38  
5 jmr248's picks
9-1 54 17-45  
5 JimCroceReb's picks
9-1 54 21-35  
5 ElectricDreamMachine's picks
9-1 54 17-49  
5 RebelRH
9-1 54 17-31  
5 victorydrive II: fresh ownage
9-1 54 14-31  
5 jalakin's picks
9-1 54  

The top ten was actually the top eleven, as eleven of you combined to score the two best points totals on the week. Ten of you went perfect, earning all 55 points, while seven of you missed only one game yet (astutely) wagered one point on the game you would eventually lose. Six4Delta's pick of the Arizona State/Oregon game score sealed the deal for first place.

The bottom ten are nearly FIFTY people who went 4-6 with 31 points, along with:

145 ExiledReb's picks
6-4 29 35-42  
146 Belle96's picks
4-6 25 42-30  
147 gladco's picks
4-6 24 14-7  
148 fuzzyhuddleston's picks
3-7 21 17-31  

The overall standings thus far on the season are:

Rank Selection W-L Pts
1 rgmclell's picks 55-15 329  
2 OSU1's picks 56-14 328  
3 jmr248's picks 55-15 322  
4 RebelRH 51-19 317  
5 DinkyBalls 50-20 312  
6 Punch Babies, Get Money. 50-20 311  
7 Winning picks 50-20 310  
7 wcdenney's picks 52-18 310  
7 TNreb 51-19 310  
10 DuNing 49-21 309  

Your picks for this week are as follows:


  • Cincinnati @ South Florida
  • Illinois @ Purdue
  • North Carolina @ Clemson
  • Western Michigan @ Eastern Michigan
  • Auburn @ LSU
  • USC @ Notre Dame
  • SMU @ Southern Miss
  • Texas Tech @ Oklahoma
  • Washington @ Stanford
  • Wisconsin @ Michigan State
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