Rebel Roundup - January 13, 2011

Ole Miss, MSU will try for better results - The Dispatch
Both Ole Miss and State are 0-1 in the SEC coming into tonight's intra-division rivalry matchup in the Tad Pad. Ole Miss lost to Florida, arguably the best team in the conference, whereas Mississippi State lost to Alabama, arguably the, like, 7th or 8th best team in the conference. Regardless, this won't be a gimme for either team, as both schools are looking to win the SEC West and need to, seeing as how both are currently on the outside-looking-in regarding the NCAA tournament. I just hope our students show up insanely drunk and do mean stuff to Renardo Sidney because, come on, making fun of that fat jackass is like shooting fish in a bucket amirite? More on this game to come later today.

So, Barry Brunetti... | The Smoking Musket
Barry Brunett is taking the Brent Schaeffer/Jevan Snead/Jeremiah Masoli route to Oxford, so something's got to be wrong with him, right? Right?! I fanposted over at The Smoking Musket, SBNation's West Virginia blog, to get their feedback on the guy and, hopefully, to learn that Barry Brunetti is actually a good quarterback who will actually be on our roster for several seasons.

Names to watch in Ole Miss’ vague assistant coaching search | Veazey
Coach Nutt is looking to bring two new coaches into the fold, as wide receivers coach Ron Dickerson and safeties coach Kim Dameron are as good as gone. Names mentioned which excite this particular bloggeur are Gunter Brewer - Billy's kid - the receivers coach at Oklahoma State; George Stewart, receivers coach for the Minnesota Vikings; and Kansas State defensive backs coach Keith Burns.

Ole Miss' Campbell Crowned NCAA Punting Champion |
Tyler Campbell averaged 46.37 yards a punt this season, earning him the NCAA punting crown. Homeboy can kick the piss out of a football, that's for sure. That statistic, were Campbell in the NFL, would put him at 4th overall just behind Mike Scifres of San Diego. What's interesting, though, are the other interesting and, frankly, surprising statistics in this article.

In the final NCAA team statistical rankings, the Rebels ranked 17th in punt returns (12.63 ypr), 18th in rushing (207.58 ypg), 20th in sacks (2.58/game), 20th in TFLs (6.83/game) and 22nd in sacks allowed (1.17/game).

The Rebels were top-25 in sacks and tackles for a loss? Those are definitely symptoms of a feast-or-famine type of defense.


Men's Tennis Adds Swedish Standout |
Since Ivory Tower has disappeared, I'm calling on 25DaysAWeek to provide us with some tennis updates and such. We'll have more from him soon for you tennis fans.

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