Rebel Roundup - September 7, 2010 - I Ain't Dead Yet

Thanks For All Of That
I'm not going to pretend that I read everything everybody said over the past few days, because doing so would have been me doing myself a real disservice. Getting way from RCR and Rebel football in general, if even for a few days, in a way which I haven't in years was oddly therapeutic. I'm not back 100%, because my wearied soul still aches a bit and I still wonder why I put so very, very much into this team every single year, but y'all knew I wasn't down for the count. To those who offered kinder words, thanks. To those who didn't, thanks. It was good to see a "good fellow fan/bad fellow fan" approach to my musings. No, I haven't cancelled my travel plans to the Tulane and Vanderbilt games and, no, I haven't given any of my tickets back. I'll still be there; I'll be less enthused and more detached than usual, but I suspect that will be the case with many of us.

It just sucks knowing that there really is almost nothing, and certainly nothing coming close to sniffing the realm of probability, that can salvage this season. We're one week into a season - a season which was preceded with one of the most stressful and dramatic offseasons of recent memory - that is, for a lot of us, already ruined.

Jacksonville State Rallies to Beat Ole Miss in Overtime | USAToday
Obligatory mainstream media link regarding the game, is all. Nothing really to see here.

Ole Miss' Upset Boosts Gamecock Poll Rankings | Anniston Star
Jacksonville State is now a top-10 FCS team for, what is it again, the first time ever?! Shit, we can't even lose to a good FCS team...

This Week in Schadenfreude | SBNation
Guess whose pain brought the most pleasure to the college football blogosphere?! You guessed it! Mine! I do take some solace, however, in knowing that Brian Cook, the brilliant Michigan alumnus behind This Week In Schadenfreude, has been there before.

The Bronco Bashers' Blog: How to Get Coach Pete to Stay | ArbiterOnline
This is a pretty entertaining read. A Boise State fan looks at the hottest seats in the SEC (namely Les Miles', Mark Richt's, and, now, Houston Nutt's) and concludes that, were any of those coaching gigs to open up, Boise State's Chris Petersen would likely be first in line to take 'em. That is a sentiment with which, after seeing Boise defeat a very good Virginia Tech team in person last night, I am entirely in agreement. This, of course, presents the Broncos fan base with the "how do we keep our coach" dilemma. The answer is, if he's looking to become an SEC coach, Boise fans need to start acting like they cheer for an SEC program. How does one do that, exactly?

Buy a big black garbage bag and throw away the face paint, the body paint, the eye black strips, the wigs, the noise makers, the big hats and did I say the wigs? The SEC fans dresses up for football games like it is a formal event, not shirtless with an explanation mark painted on their chests.

That is, of course, amongst many other things.

And Check This Out


ESPN did a surprisingly great job with this, and I think it does an excellent service to us, our fans, and our school to have this commercial out there. I know a lot of folks will disagree with that sentiment, and that's cool I guess, but they're like, wrong and stuff.

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