Blogger Q&A: Kentucky's A Sea of Blue

LOUISVILLE KY - SEPTEMBER 04: Mychal Bailey #41 is an imposing free safety.

This week's Blogger Q&A comes from Glenn, the managing editor at A Sea of Blue. I answered five questions for him as well, so check out their blog for my responses.

Some of these questions were asked and answered by Ghost on the radio show last night, but that's his fault and not mine. I sent these questions to Glenn on Tuesday.

1. Talk about the way that Randall Cobb. It appears that he isn't getting the ball enough so far this season. Do you agree with that? If so, explain how he's being used. If not, explain how you'd like for him to be used.

As a receiver, Cobb really has a few ways to get the ball -- either on some kind of pass or a trick play.  Joker has shown reluctance to play Cobb a lot in the Wildcat formation, but I think that is more a function of the teams he has played and his unwillingness to expose that formation to too much scrutiny by league foes.  Florida's defensive team speed made Kentucky's version of the Wildcat a fairly unproductive setup, so Joker stuck with what works.

The thing about Cobb is that he can hurt you almost as much without the ball as with it.  Did you notice that Chris Matthews had his biggest day as a Wildcat versus Florida?  A lot of that is due to the fact that Florida was so aware of Cobb.  Cobb helps LaRod King and Chris Matthews get open easier just by being in the game.

I'd like to see a little more of the Wildcat, and against Mississippi, we probably will.

2. Who is the best offensive player on your team about whom no one is talking? Defensive?

Definitely Chris Matthews, although he is starting to get talked about after his performance versus Florida.  He was largely the forgotten man last year and barely touched the ball, but nobody can quite figure out why, other than the fact that we had a freshman QB last year who had a tendency to look for the shorter routes and lock on to Cobb a bit, as freshmen QB's are wont to do.

Defensively, it is Mychal Baily, the JUCO transfer free safety.  Bailey is fast, a good tackler, and a capable pass defender.  He has been doing a good job, and turned what we feared would be a weakness into a strength.
3. Our defense is susceptible to option runs and passes to the sidelines.... and pretty much any other pass. What type of offensive attack does Kentucky bring? Is there anything in particular we should look for, in terms of scheme, from the defense?

Kentucky runs a modified pro set offense.  It's pretty conventional, really.  We occasionally run read options to befuddle defenses or when they show a tendency to be predictable, mostly from the Wildcat formation with Cobb but Hartline has been known to run it from time to time.  Kentucky tries to balance the run and the throw, and hasn't shown much flexibility in that tendency.
4. Seeing as you're a kentucky guy, what's your favorite type of bourbon? Why?

Four Roses Single Barrel, if you're talking neat.  That is just the Cognac of bourbons.  For on the rocks, something less expensive and with more corn bite to minimize the effect of dilution, such as Maker's Mark, Knob Creek.  When I feel like really spending money, Bookers on the rocks is a good drop, but I don't buy bottles.  I'll just get double shots at a bar for $15.

For the golf course, I just like to sip ol' Jim Beam straight from the bottle.  It's mild enough to drink slightly warm and neat, and strong enough so that you know it's bourbon.
5. What's your prediction for the game? What's the final score, and how does it shake out?

I think, given the condition of both teams' defenses, that a shootout looks likely.  Call it 35-30 Kentucky.

UK has traditionally had problems stopping mobile quarterbacks, even across the years and across defensive coordinators.  God knows why, it's some kind of karma for firing Bill Curry, I guess.  Ole Miss can't seem to stop anyone from getting into the end zone, so a shootout seems a logical prediction.

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