EtOH Practice Report-Sunday the 8th

ED: We preesh your work, EtOH. Keep these coming and we'll keep frontpagin' them. We'll also put up practice information and tidbits from whoever wants to post them. Just make sure you're either clever or football savvy in your analysis, if not both. We're more likely to promote it if that's the case.

Let's get the most important things over with first.  Jeremiah Masoli was wearing number 8 today at practice and was not sporting an outrageous haircut such Brishen Matthews' nasty trailer trash ponytail.  Suffice it to say that I will from here on out be referring to Brishen as our own little Joe Dirt.  Some quick hits after the jump...

-Stretching with the first team offense:  Markeith Summers and Lionel Breaux:

      I thought Breaux lived up to his first team status today.  I noticed no drops and he continually found space.

-Masoli stretched with the 2nd team and Mackey streched with the 3rd team:

     Masoli really looked confident all day long.  His worst moments came with our pitiful 2nd team Oline and in the scrimmage at the end of practice he threaded the needle on a beautiful touch ball to Breaux.  I saw only  1 or 2 mishandles and he seemed to deal pretty well out of the pocket.  His footwork was sure and his arm is plenty adequate.  He also hit the lone deep ball of the day(an acrobatic catch in the air by Korvic Neat, who shielded Marcus Temple with his body).

     Mackey looks like he floats on grass when he runs.  He's a good bit thinner than Masoli(who I think has a similar body to former LSU RB Jacob Hester), but he's lighter on his feet and faster.  Both are pretty damn short(though Mackey might have an inch on Masoli)  In a speed option, Mackey could be deadly.  His arm is also significantly better(more accurate and stronger) on the run than in the pocket.  He just looks lost in a pro style offense.

-I wish yall could see the wonder that is Jerrell Powe helping Ted Laurent belongs in a book titled "Kama Sutra to the Extreme" or some other equivalent title.

-Even Evan Ingram(the new QB) has some nice zing on his throws, though he's a mile away from Masoli and Stanley.  Also, I have no doubt there is lead in his shoes.  Wow is he slow.

-We used a new formation that looks something like a mix between the Pistol and the Pro formation.  I really like the freedom this gives us as the players worked on a triple option using a downhill runner and a speedy guy.  We also ran draws and passing plays out of this formation.

-Stanley looked great in the pocket as well as rolling out to both the left and right.  Honestly, the guy looked pretty darn good all practice(though much of it was without a rush).  If he ends up starting all season, I thing we'll still see an improvement from last season's QB play.  Whether it's Masoli or Stanley, we don't have to worry about drop off passes landing at the feet of a running back.  Once Masoli learns the playbook better it's gonna be a helluva competition in my opinion.  Hopefully we'll be able to plug in either QB based on the opposing defense.

-The one bad throw Stanley had was snatched high in the air by a massive Mike Marry, who then returned it for a touchdown.  Marry is definitely a guy with a future on this football team.

-Frank Crawford worked mostly as a cornerback after spending the spring with the safeties.  To me, this means that the coaching staff doesn't think they can put enough weight on the skinny d-back to make an effective safety.  I think he'll come in during the nickel packages this year and then start next year opposite Charles Sawyer.

-The first reps at running back went to Rodney Scott.  Read into what you will, but Brandon Bolden split his time between being the second running back and appearances at fullback.

-Korvic Neat showed out twice today, once on the above mentioned deep ball, and another time on an end around.  It seems like the coaching staff is gonna play him in the slot and out wide to get him the ball in space.

-One play design that I absolutely loved: Enrique Davis at running back, Neat out wide, and Bolden at fullback.  Bolden then motioned out wide and Stanley took the snap and completed a quick slant to Bolden for about 7 yards.  Options options options.

-Another awesome coaching move...Stanley lined up under center, then motioned HIMSELF out wide, setting up the wild rebel.  Just a little tweak, but it forced the defense to react quicker than normal.

-Terrell Brown is a MONSTER!! I doubt he'll ever play but he is massive and made a few nice blocks.  Also, he wears number 57, no doubt paying homage to Mr. Powe.

-Finally, Jeff Scott looked like the real deal....his body is similar to Rodney Scott(likely to cause confusion amongst old men in stands), but he is quick and shifty.  He found some creases that I didn't know were there until he was 5 yards down the field.  I dunno if he'll play, but he's got a shot to be a home run threat.


It's hard to see everything, but if you have any questions just put them in comments and I'll try to answer.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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