Rebel Roundup - 8/5/10

Chiefs Training Camp: Rookies Stealing the Show | Arrowhead Pride
Dexter McCluster and Kendrick Lewis are kicking ass in KC right now. But you knew that, didn't you. From SBN's Arrowhead Pride:

Arguably the most impressive player in camp so far is Dexter McCluster, the Chiefs second round pick. After he was drafted, and looking at all those highlight reels, I figured it would take some time for a smaller back like him to become adjusted to the pro game.
Apparently not.
He's like a jitterbug on the field (Kendrick Lewis's words) and what has impressed me the most is his ability to catch the ball. He's got a nice set of hands and demonstrated that Wednesday night at the Chiefs evening practice with several catches over 40 yards in the air full speed.
Then there's Kendrick Lewis, the other star of the night practice. Along with McCluster, he's the unanimous MVP of the night practice if you check around the Chiefs blogosphere.
Think about that. A fifth round pick was arguably the best defensive player on the field Wednesday night. There's no logical reason that should be happening but, for the Chiefs, it is.

Take Two: Ole Miss | BCS Evolution
Ben an-- I mean, One Man to Beat and I recently answered a few questions for BCS Evolution, SBN's premier blog for all thing's mid-major/BCS controversy, regarding the Rebels' upcoming season and where exactly Ole Miss falls in the grand BCS scheme. Give it a read and tell us how wrong we are, will you?

Halloween Eve in the Grove! | Track 'Em Tigers
SBN's Auburn blog previews our October 30th matchup with the Tigers of the Yellowhammer State and predicts an Auburn victory by 10 points. Give it a read and tell them how they're wrong, well you? (Actually, there's a pretty solid possiblity they're not wrong. Just sayin'.)

QB Crises Make for Different Approaches at UGA and Ole Miss |
Scott Adamson compares the decisions made by Mark Right and Houston Nutt regarding Zach Mettenburger and Jeremiah Masoli/Raymond Cotton respectively and, while not choosing a side directly, concludes that

[C]oaches walk a tightrope. They don’t want to appear soft on crime, yet they also have to win games to continue to draw seven figure salaries and stay employed. Richt got rid of a problem player and Nutt brought one in. It’ll be interesting to see how both morality plays play out this fall.
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