Rebel Roundup - Hey, You're Aware that Football Kicks off in Under a Week, Aren't You?

Bucaneers Bring Back Snead |
It's a bit in the "three or four day old news" category, but I can't recall having discussed this on the Cup. Jevan Snead has been brought back onto the Tampa Bay roster after Bucaneer starter and 2nd-year player Josh Freeman broke his thumb during their most recent preseason game. Sitting in front of Snead is Josh Johnson, the former Division 1-AA All American from San Diego (Y'all remember him, right? No? Oh well.) and Rudy Carpenter, the former Arizona State signal caller who was the focus of perhaps the most brutal quarterback controversy in the past ten years (Have y'all forgotten that as well?). Best of luck with that, Jevan.

Practice Report | Brandt
Brandt talks about yesterday's practice and makes some noteworthy observations. For starters, the team has gone into game preparation mode, meaning that there's a scout team running Jacksonville State's playbook going up against a team of people who are actually going to play JSU. As far as newcomers go, Vincent Sanders looks good, but raw, and Delvin Jones has a fluid buildup in his knee and was, as a result, sidelined. Tyler Campbell has really pleased special teams coordinator James Shibest. And, this is odd, Tommy West was at the Rebel practice yesterday. No joke. I have nary a clue as to why - perhaps he was bored or got lost on his way to the Walgreens - but it's an interesting bit of tid nonetheless.

Rebels 'D' Hoping for a 'Spectacular' Season |
Actually, Chris Low used the term "special", but when talking about a "D" you really should use the adjective "spectacular". It's far more appropriate. Regardless, Low mentions a comparison that has been bouncing around a little bit, and that is this year's Rebel squad bearing a strong resemblance to the 1993 team. That 1993 team allowed an average of 13 points per game, but still managed to lose five games as a result of an anemic offense. If - and this is a pretty big "if" - we can have a defense which finishes in the top-20 once again (that'd be the third season in a row), I don't see us losing more than four SEC games. It's a stretch because of all of our offensive troubles we're worried to have, I know, but it's not exactly impossible.

Sports Illustrated SEC Preview
Andy Staples of SI says we're going 7-5 and 3-5 in the SEC. I wonder who he has us beating? Interestingly enough, he has Alabama going 11-1. Considering Texas, Ohio State, and Boise State's relative conferences and the disparity within, that could be enough to keep the SEC out of the BCS Championship hunt this season.

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