EtOH Fall Scrimmage Report-Saturday the 14th

Before today's scrimmage there was much of the same stretching and exercises that lasted for a good 45 minutes to an hour.  Here are some things I noticed prior to the main event.

The crowd was phenomenal for a fall practice of any kind.  I've seen spring games with fewer attendees.

Something tells me Tyrone Nix and Houston Nutt had a fight over the pre-scrimmage music least Houston got to hear one Kenny Chesney song.

I was also not in favor of the swarms of wasps that apparently nested under the particular seat I chose...Thankfully a very nice gentleman pointed this out to me in time for me to move away prior to being stung.  Hopefully others avoided the same treachery.

It's becoming a bit annoying how popular wide-brimmed straw hats have become in Oxford in the past three years.

One of the warmup songs(Hip Hop Genre) has a line in the background, "Big Landsharks".  Anyone know the song?

Granted it was only about 20 people, but there is no doubt in my mind that the people who clap at the end of stretches are the same people who masturbate to the spirit board daily.

Cliff Coleman's still in a boot.

Bigfooot Brown was not on the first team for field goals kicks today.

The Safeties came out today to shut me up-they caught everything thrown at them in drills(Obviously I"m not vain enough to think they did this for me, but it's still nice to see improvement)

The rest after the jump...

The scrimmage started out with full team punting.  Campbell hit the first on a line drive and it went bouncing past Jesse Grandy.  The second was a boomer and Brandon Bolden fielded it successfully.  Next Andrew Ritter hit a nice one to Grandy before shanking(and badly) two punts to Markeith Summers.  Finally, Campbell came back in and hit the best punt of the day(long, beautiful hang time, probably easily 50+ yards) and then follow it up with a solid punt to Markeith who hauled it in.

The scrimmage consisted of twelve series of plays, each time lining up with a diffierent quarterback.  The series was long or short depending on the success of the drive.  So, for example, on his first series, Stanley's crew struggled to get a first down and therefore he got 7 plays in.  Masoli, on the other hand, successfully got a few first downs and his first series lasted 16 plays.  Overall, the total plays for each quarterback was as follows: Stanley-15 plays; Masoli-27 total; Mackey-21 total; Evan Ingram-13; Whit Haggard-12;

The order of running backs used was as follows: 1-Brandon Bolden 2-Enrique Davis 3-Rodney Scott 4-Derrick Herman 5-Nick Parker(w/ 3rd team) 6-Jeff Scott 7-Devin Thomas

There were 5 touchdowns scored in the scrimmage:

Enrique Davis took his first carry up the gut, one cut, too the house on about a 55 yard run.

Masoli lined up in the Wild Rebel(sans running back) and threw a nice fade route touchdown to Ja-Mes Logan.

Jeff Scott scooted around the edge and fought through a tackle attempt to score from about 10 yards out.

Mr. Mackey threw a fade route touchdown to Vincent Sanders.

Mr. Mackey threw a jump ball that Melvin Harris brought down in the end zone.


The Quarterbacks:

Nathan Stanley-Stanley never seemed to get in a rhythm.  I expected a little more, though he did have a few bright moments(scrambling well for his speed, hitting a nice 30 yard completion down the field and then connecting with Melvin Harris on a well timed 10 yard out route.

Jeremiah Masoli-As evidence by his play count, he sustained drives, two of which led to touchdowns.  Like Stanley, it took him a few plays to get in a rhythm, but he got going after that.  He showed nice accuracy and never threw a risky ball towards the defense.  I have a feeling Houston's really gonna value the ball this year and it seems like Masoli's gonna throw the fewest interceptions.  He did have one ball slammed back in his face from the arm of Lawon Scott(he's a shawty).  He seemed most successful throwing the ball when rolling out or using play action.

Mr. Mackey(I don't know why I like to call him that)-It's a little tough to gauge.  He played with second team players most of the day and had some really exciting and successful moments.  He also has some rough moments, throwing errant balls to no one in particular.  He probably threw the most dangerous balls of the day as well, including a pick to Allen Walker(I think). On the other hand, his deep ball is just gorgeous.  In the Wild Rebel he darted up the middle and looked scary elusive on one play. I just can't see him winning the starting job right now, despite his obvious talent.


The Winners:

Enrique Davis-Probably my big winner for the day.  He looked like the guy we recruited him to be today.  The touchdown run was a thing of beauty and it's fun to see him pull away from a defensive back.

Masoli-for the reasons mentioned above.  No picks and drives resulting in touchdowns.  That's what we need.

Melvin Harris-Seems like he caught everything thrown his way including two jump balls(one for touchdown).  That's why he's out there.

Jeff Scott-On his series with Masoli, it took them three plays to get in the end zone.  Two were handoffs to Scott around the edge.  The second ended with Scott dancing in the end zone.

The Right Side of the Oline-Repeatedly the first team Oline carved out running lanes on the right side.  Rishaw and Bobby Massie seem to be gelling nicely and I think this will be our go to spot in crunch time.  Perfect example:  4th and 1 in Masoli's last series: Enrique Davis was in at running back and we chose to run out wide around the right side.  The line sealed off the edge enough that Davis gained about 2 or 3 yards before running out of bounds.

Our Defensive Tackles-I feel like I overlook them sometimes, but they're so good.  Other than Enrique's long touchdown run, there was very little if any running room up the middle all day.  That includes the 2nd and 3rd teamers such as Carlton Martin and Corey Gaines.

Martez Eastland-only had 2 chances.  One was underthrown ball, but on the 2nd, he caught the ball and was hit before he kept fighting.  His 3rd effort got him an additional two yards and very close to the first down.  He looks like a fullback and he can run.

Clarence Jackson-The freshman linebacker was everywhere.  It's possibly my opinion was swayed a bit by his family members yelling "Get'em Jack, Get'em" in my ear, but he played well.  In the 2nd or 3rd series of the day he made three consecutive plays on the ball, including one sack and one tackle for a 5 yard loss.  He's physically gifted enough to be a very good SEC linebacker.

Devin Thomas-I like Devin, so any time he has a good day, I like to brag on him.  I saw him throw some nice blocks today as well as drive the 3rd team down the field with nice runs.  I still think he can help us, but looks like I could be crazy.

Houston Nutt-I think a lot of his decisions are slowly becoming playing the people listed above.  Jeff Scott could make his life a LOT better if he can gash opposing defenses like he does our own.


Nathan Stanley- If you ain't first, you're last.

Rodney Scott-Seems to me to be dancing too much instead of cutting upfield.  He's still got the ability, but I feel like it's a little bit of a Sophomore Slump coming.

Markeith Summers-He dropped at least one where he was open on the sidelines and then the coaches tried twice to give him a jump ball touchdown in the end zone at the end of practice.  He was unable to fight through the defender to come down with the ball.  I think he lacks the aggression needed to "go get the ball".

Field Goal kickers-Granted, Bryson Rose either made all of his or missed only 1 kick(someone told me he missed one), but the other 2(David Hankins and Andrew Ritter) couldn't hit the side of a barn.  Hankins ended up making one to salvage some dignity but I wouldn't want him out there on game day.

Our deep pass defense.  Hopefully when we can hit the quarterback this will improve, but there are gaping holes in our secondary once we get 20 to 30 yards downfield.  Hopefully these holes will start to shrink as we get closer to the season.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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