NFL and head injuries



I realize that current outbreak of news and reports on head injuries to past and present athletes  in the NFL has been beaten to death by the media for awhile now. It is a valid concern and something the NFL should look into making as much of a non problem as they can in the future. I noticed a trend with former Gator Percy Harvin and it made me think.

As someone that has never suffered from migraines in my life, I don't really know that much about them. Found it interesting that Harvin was missing days at camp because of severe migraines and remember him missing a game last year because of them as well. Is it normal for someone to miss weeks at a time because of them? To me it begs the question, could this be something more than just a simple crop up of extreme headaches for the young man. At what point do the NFL or the Vikings sit him aside and talk about the fact that there might be more to this than meets the eye? Again, like I said before, I just found it peculiar to strike him down for so long and that it happens repeatedly. I hope that if it is anything more than just migraines, that he has the drive to get it taken care of while he still can and isn't permanently affected by it.


I found a story where it explains that he has struggled with them most of his life and is quoted saying "I don't think I'll ever be cured." (NBC Sports Story) It mentions in the article that the majority of migraines are caused from stress and I can't help but think, isn't he in the wrong business then? I understand a love for the game and the need to make money to survive, but is the constant pressure and stress from an NFL season really what he needs? 

Thoughts? Comments? 

Not a huge Vikings fan or anything.... I just hate to see another student of the game put himself in harm's way unnecessarily.


Forgive the grammatical errors, I know they are there and don't really care.

One last thing, if my ignorance on migraines pretty much nullifies any point this post might make or question( I don't really know or care to search for the longterm effects of migraines and it's late).. let me know.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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