Rebel Roundup - 7/12/10

No. 11: Pat Hill | Brandt
In David Brandt's countdown of the 20 most important people for the upcoming Ole Miss Rebel football season, The Head Coach of the Fresno State Bulldogs and renowned mustache afficianado Pat Hill comes in at number 11. A cop out? Well, since it's Brandt, sure. But,

To be truthful, it’s not really Hill who’s so important, it’s just that the game against the Bulldogs will almost certainly be the most challenging of the non-conference schedule. Hill has a 100-66 record over 14 years with the Bulldogs, and the veteran coach is no stranger to upsetting BCS teams over that tenure, with a 15-25 record against them.

Brandt's assessment of this being our most interesting and difficult out of conference game is correct. This is a big one, relatively speaking, of course.

Measured expectations: Football magazines on the state’s "Big" Three | Sports -
Southern Miss isn't "big" but, I guess when compared to Delta State or JCJC then, sure, "big" applies. Regardless, the preseason mags have the state's programs from middle-to-the-bottom-ish in their two respective conferences, with State closest to the bottom as a preseason 6th in the west - but don't tell folks in Starkville that. Dan the Man Mullen and TSUN and whatnot.

Big Bucks | American Chronicle
Do you like numbers? Do you like Mississippi? Then good, here's an article for you.

Despite their relative financial disadvantages, Mississippians have long made allowances in their budgets for two things: charity and college football.

Numerous surveys have determined that Mississippi is the most generous of the 50 states. And when it comes to college football, Mississippians are among the most dedicated, judging by the numbers.

New Orleans Saints great Deuce McAllister honored at retirement dinner |
Deuuuuccccceeeee! It's a bit sad to see as great a football player as Deuce McAllister finally leave the gridiron, but we know this won't be the last we hear of him. His humanitarianism and entrepreneurship will keep him active and open in the Jackson and New Orleans communities. Per the linked article,

[h]e hopes to land a gig as a college football analyst with a TV network in the fall. He's also considering some kind of role with the Saints organization, though not as a coach.

You know, Gameday could use a little less Big 10 and a little more SEC. Seriously, an Ohio State guy, a Michigan guy, a Florida State guy, and a Colorado guy as your four man Gameday team? ESPN, srsly, pick up Deuce.


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