Rebel Roundup - 6/9/10 - More Pomeranz

86 days until Rebel football. Image via

Countdown Begins
And we're doing the jersey thing until y'all come up with something better. Today, xxgr3gxxz. Tomorrow, I dunno. Suggestions?

Pomeranz Glad he Chose College Route |
Pom claims three years at Ole Miss not only taught him that he wasn't ready for big-time ball right out of high school, but it also allowed him to grow as a person. He cites the biggest reason he turned the big leagues down for the NCAAs is that his brother, drafted seven years ago by the [City/State] [Plural Noun], says he wished he himself would have gone to college.

Barrett, Ferguson Taken |
Rebel Saturday starter Aaron Barrett was drafted in the ninth round by the Washington Nationals (a franchise which is undeniably on the rise), while Turd Tim Ferguson was drafted in the tenth round by the Kansas City Royals (frownie face).

Robertson, Rebels ready for NCAA T&F Championships | Brandt
Held in Eugene, Oregon (imagine that), the NCAA Track and Field Championships should see a few Rebels working to earn national championships. Per the EotC:

Freshman phenom Ricky Robertson, who is from Hernando, won the SEC title and is one of the top contenders [in the high jump] at nationals. His best jump of the year — 7 feet, 5.75 inches — is the best in the country. But sophomore Brian Knight is in that elite group as well with a 7 feet, 4.5 inch qualifying jump, which ranks third coming into the meet.


In the 3,000-meter steeplechase, both Barnabas and Martin Kirui have competitive times nationally. They’ll run in the semifinals tonight. Barnabas Kirui won the national title in the steeplechase during his freshman year in 2007, but has been hampered by back problems.

Y'all may not realize this, but we do have a good track program at Ole Miss, as in they're ranked in the top-25 nationally.

How SEC Coaches have Fared against the Top-25 | ESPN
Houston Nutt has been 5-3 against Top-25 teams while at Ole Miss which gives him winning percentage of .625, third in the conference. The wins are against (off of the top of my head) Florida, Texas Tech, Nationally Ranked LSU (twice) and Oklahoma State(?). The losses are against Wake Forest (remember, they were ranked #20 at the time) and Alabama, twice.

I think... If I'm wrong, correct me plzkthx.

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