If LSU is big brother, then Arkansas is our....?

EDSBS recently linked an article by Matt Hayes (Hogs smell like Rebs) paralleling Arkansas's situation this year to that of Ole Miss's last year. And frighteningly, there are many similarities that lead me to think that.....


If you don't have time to read the article, this brief summary will suffice:

  • Ole Miss 2008 late upsurge  = Arky late 2009 upsurge  (even though a Cotton Bowl shellacking over Texas Tech and "I just wasn't feeling it but I'm sure feeling being on the cover of NCAA xbox360 edition then holding out for more moneyz$$$" crabtree sure beats an OT Liberty Bowl victory over East Carolina and "Chris Johnson in 2007 right? that's it right?"
  • Ole Miss 2008 gunslinger that finished strong and excited to return  = Arky 2009 gunslinger  (let's be honest, Mallett is a much better QB than Snead, y'all can have that one....but I'm still hearing the same stuff i.e. preseason Heisman candidate, very early draft choice, etc)
  • Ole Miss 2009 schedule  featured a couple cream puffs before first real test on the road (USc) = Arky 2010 schedule  includes Tenn-Tech and LA-Monroe before they travel to Athens to play between the hedges
  • Ole Miss 2009 SEC schedule graces = Arky 2010 SEC schedule graces (LSU and Bama at home, no Florida)
  • Ole Miss 2009 with a preseason "solid" offense (they forgot you need an O-line still) but questions on defense = Arky 2010

Now whether you are an Ole Miss or Hog fan, it's hard to argue against these almost mirror image comparisons. Now just consider the preseason hype that Ole Miss had this time last year (I still laugh when I see the SI cover featuring us as a preseason #7 or some shit) and prepare to see it all over again with Arkansas. For me, the only difference is that Arkansas has been there before and we haven't.

From the Hayes article you can find another link that looks at the comparison (Ole Miss and Arky part 2)

In a nutshell, it points outs that turnovers play a huge part in any football game (duhzors). But, usually the ratio always floats back to an average of +/- SINGLE DIGITS and not the absurd and random +22 that Florida had in 2008, or the -16 that UGA had this year. So he expects Arkansas's +15 to float back down as well.

Am I nervous about this upcoming football season? Definitely. Am I banking on a loss to Arkansas? Not completely. Arkansas continues to be that team that is sporadic and hit-or-miss on the field. (Wow, kinda like Ole Miss) Only this year, their weapons are a lot more scary.

(Will the Arky fans come out of their crawl space now?)

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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